Proof Positive

IMG Today #4 of 5 came home from a bike ride with Mother of Five.  She burst into the house and came running to me.  She told me that she had proof!

Proof of what, I asked...

She said it is proof that Fall was finally here!

(Attached photo is an actual scan of the leaf she brought home from her bike ride!)


  1. I've had proof on and off for three weeks here in Hot-Lanta, and then it goes away again.

    My Asian-American Maples are starting to turn though, so I'm getting excited. After today and tomorrow's lower-80s, we're supposed to dip back into the 70s. I'm pretty pumped.

    I even put up my fake, light up pumpkins on three bales of hay display this weekend!

  2. Around here, we don't get color. The leaves go from green to brown in a day and then wait all season to fall off. Usually right after I mow the yard.

    Yeah, that is one downside to Texas. Mowing 11 months of the year. Then again, I use the snow blower so seldom...

  3. We were in MN a couple weekends ago - I was so bummed I missed the fall colors :-( We get the most beautiful yellow aspen trees in the fall, mixed with the deep green pine (go Packers!!!) . . . but I really miss the reds and oranges. Lucky lucky you!

  4. Ours are turning too. Another sign of fall is homecoming this week.

  5. Man, do I miss MN in the fall!

  6. We just wnet up north to get the hunting shack ready for the season and were very suprised on how the colors are turning so soon....fall always seems to sneak up on me!

    I got a ton of stuff to do......gotta go!

  7. Are you sure that's proof of fall or maybe it is proof she biked to Canada.

  8. Our leaves aren't turning yet, but we've had so much rain this summer, it might never happen. In fact, summer is happening for us right now, with temps in the 80s, lol.


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