Firearms Safety Certificate

fsc1#2 of 5 successfully completed the exam and practical exercise, and this morning he received his Firearms Safety Certificate.

It was an enjoyable class, and I plan on signing myself up next year when #3 of 5 takes it. I have been handling guns (safely) since I was 18 years old - but one can never be "too safe" - and what better example for the kids than to take the class myself.

If you are a dad, and you are sending your kid to Firearms Safety Classes... SIGN UP YOURSELF! It's a great chance to spend some time with your kid, and who knows... you may learn a thing or two yourself!

#2 of 5 got a score of 45 out of 50 (90%) on the final exam, and did a really good job while on the shooting range, field exercise, and shotgun course.


Normally, the Firearms Safety Classes consist o f the classes, a final test , and then the practical... But we had several Boy Scouts from our Troop in the class, and we checked to see how close this class was to the Scout Requirement for the Rifle and Shotgun Merit Badges.

They were very close, so with the assistance of the Troop, and the Firearms Safety Instructors, they became Merit Badge Councilors, and then held another (separate) three hour class for the Scouts.

They took us (the scouts and the parents) out to a trap / skeet shooting club near our home, and ran the kids through a five position shooting exercise.

When we finished the shooting, the instructors and the Scouts did an extensive gun cleaning.

Oh, and as a Post Script. Even the parents got a turn...
I was 8 hits for 10 clays shot at. Could be better, but could be worse!

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It would be downright shameful of me not to thank a few of the folks to gave of their time and or resources to help teach these kids proper gun safety.

fsc31. The Volunteers. I do not have all their names, but there were some great volunteers that had a ton to offer the kids. John Breimhorst who has been teaching this class for 42 years (and taught many of the other instructors)... and the Will brothers from W.W. Will and Sons Distributions and Sportsman Brand Meats... Jeff Will and Tim Will are extremely talented - sharing a lot of practical wisdom and knowledge with the kids, and were very generous with the time they put into teaching the kids. Truly a couple of stand up fellas!

2. The Fish Lake Sportsmanan Club - who sponsor the class, and donate some wonderful items for the kids... (Gunlocks, Books and Training materials, and a silicone impregnated gun sock).

3. The SCALE Facility - Scott County Association for Leadership and Efficiency (A Regional Public Safety Training Facility... I.E. Police and Fire training Facility) for providing an outstanding environment (both the classroom and the shooting ranges...)

4. The Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club - When the Will brothers saw the extra items needed to be covered for the Scouts to get their merit badges, he contacted his friends at The Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club - who provided the Will brothers and the Scouts the fatalities and materials needed to complete the necessary tasks.

To be honest, I have always known The Horse and Hunt Club has been there, but I never knew it was open to the public... I will be sure to spend some time in the "off season" patronizing the fine folks at The Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club with the boys!

I am so proud of the man you are becoming!


  1. Congratulations. Is that dude in the picture you? And if so is your kid really tall? or are you shrinking?

    We've been looking for a place to take our youngest for training. I guess any way we slice it, we'll be leaving the safety and tranquility of St.Paul.

  2. Nope, that is not me... That is one of the instructors.

  3. I wish I could do that. I used to want to be a scout because they had all the fun! Congrats to your boy!

  4. Congrats to you and #2! I can still remember when I took gun safety at the old shooting range exactly where the South Metro Public Safety Training facility is know!

    You must be proud!

  5. Well written article.


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