Science Fiction Memories

So, "back in the day" (aka "I still am") a pretty big fan of Star Wars, Dr. Who, and other misc Science Fiction entertainment.

In the midst of the late 70's / early 80's science fiction hype, a movie came out that either my parents did not know about, or (more likely) intentionally sheltered me from called... Logan's Run.

Although I have never seen the movie, what I do remember of Logan's Run was the (short lived) 1970's Television spinoff show... I really only saw a few of the episodes... (Yet I still have vivid memories of watching the Pilot Episode!)
Thoes "sandmen" in their snazy (uber cool) black and silver uniforms, and their cool blasters...

For YEARS afterwords, when we played "Star Wars" in the back yard, I always "called" the "Logan's Run Gun"... No trail of laser light for these guns... Nope... A cool firey blast from the muzzle, and then a small explosion wherever it hit.

YouTube Example of the DS Gun (Deep Sleep Gun) HERE...
In a nostalgic moment, I tried locating a set of DVD's for the one and only season of Logan's Run. Unfortunatly, there is no such thing... BUT, what I did find was several broken up segments of the oringinal pilot episode... The one I remember so vividly.

As lame as it is, I spent the better part of 90 minutes watching that episode today... (broken up between picking one kid up from football, dropping another off at sewing class, and a thrid trip to Religious Education....)

Logan's Run Pilot Episode Part 1
Logan's Run Pilot Episode Part 2
Logan's Run Pilot Episode Part 3
Logan's Run Pilot Episode Part 4
Logan's Run Pilot Episode Part 5
Logan's Run Pilot Episode Part 6
Logan's Run Pilot Episode Part 7
Logan's Run Pilot Episode Part 8

Oh, the magic of YouTube....

Now, on to Star Blazers! (Cool Intro)


  1. For years I successfully ignored the many successive decades of "Dr. Who." But recently, so nerd-girls at work were talking abuot the newest version (airing on Sci-Fi) and I've gotten hooked!

    That cheeky little man is pretty cool. Was glad to see them pretty much kill off the walking trash-can like Dahlecks though. They were kinda hokey in this day and age.

  2. How weird is it that I recently watched "Logan's Run," the movie? I didn't know they had a television show. My parents wouldn't own a TV when I was a kid. That was a lot of fun! Thanks!

    I also love the new Dr. Who series. Can't wait for the next season on DVD.

  3. See, now I have yet to see ay of the new Dr. Who episodes...

    Maybe it's because of WHEN I got into it, but in my mind, there is no better Dr. Who than Tom Baker!!!

    Peter Davidson did ok, but Tom Baker is The Doctor in my mind..

    As an Odd Tidbit... The last year I went Trick-o-Treating was in 6th Grade... I dressed up as Dr. Who...

    Very few people understood who I was....

    As far as Logan's Run the movie goes... I'll have to be sure to catch that some time!! Was it good??

  4. The movie is...interesting. There are a few reasons you don't want your impressionable young children watching it, but mostly it's harmless. The music is pretty far-out, like the series. It was a fun movie to watch.


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