A quick lunch outing!

Today, while working out in the garage, and yard - I stepped in and told Mother of Five that I was going to run out and grab a quick burger for lunch. She told me that it would be nice if I took #5 of 5 with me. We jumped in the car and headed off.

Destination: Burger King.

The wall was lined with little paper crowns, and I felt the inevetable little tug at my pants. She (in a little tiny mouse-like voice) asked me if she could have one...

Since she had lunch already, she selected a chocolate milkshake.

While eating lunch I asked her how the shake was.

"Mmm... Very Chocolaty" she said with a cute little grin..

"It's a good thing that you can taste the chocolate since you ordered a chocolate shake" I replied.

"If it did not, it would be a 'nilla one daddy" #5 of 5 observed, followed with "Then it would taste like ba'nilla".

That is the one thing I miss about having 5... I wish there was more time for 1 on 1 with the kiddos... I guess you just gotta take it when you can get it.

Well, back to the garage / yard....

PostScript: BK's Mushroom Swiss Angus Burger = Blech. I LOVE mushrooms, onions, meat, and bread... But this tasted as unhealthy for me as I am sure it was.... Plus, it looks NOTHING like it did on the menu board....


  1. Cute story! Thanks for sharing! I got to spend a Daddy day with OhPrincess1 on Sunday. I know what you mean about wishing for more 1 on 1 time with the kids.

  2. Adorable...the story and the photo.

  3. sweet picture. I bet you felt like a king!

  4. The burger didn't taste so good, huh? Perhaps when you were ordering you forgot to pronounciate the "g" in "angus"...

  5. Hey Dave,

    Great little story! You have a cute daughter! So, since the Burger "King" was wanted to mess with your taste buds maybe you should tell the "King" to stick it and have a tasty little snack at Long John Silver's?!

    Also, I like the new picture you have on your banner. The old one of you sunburnt looks a little creepy....almost like you are an unemployed magician! :)

    Good luck this weekend if I don't see you!

  6. Uhhh... Yeah... I have not eaten at Long John Silver's since that Infmaous Incident", and (as disappointing as it is to say) I doubt I ever will again.... (not sarcastic)...

    And, as far as the photo goes... Bill, you should know that I did not want anyone reveling my "true identity" as the Mystic Unemployed Magician (or MUM for short)...

  7. Oh Captain - but, isn't it great when you DO get the chance!!

    Tricia - Your very welcome!

    Orland - I did feel like a king... The Burger King!! Ooo.. How I hate that waxy, creepy burger king guy from the commercials... Maybe I did not feel like the "Burger" king after all....

    E and J... Hey... You of all people know what hot dogs are made of, right??? I LOVE HOT DOGS!

  8. One on one time is great to have conversations like these.
    She will remember it too. I can see how that sweet smile got her a crown.

  9. Who can say "no" to the tiny, mouse-like voice?

    (wish MY boys had tiny mouse-like voices.)

  10. I know how you feel. I love being the mother of 8 and wouldn't have minded more, each is a special joy, but, oh it is so hard (make that pretty much impossible) to give each the infdividual time and attention they need and you both enjoy and learn from. I think the benefits of a large family outweigh the negatives, but that is the hardest part.

  11. Dave,
    Are you sure you ordered the anGus beef burger? Maybe those weren't mushrooms . . . I guess the "burger" had a taste only a dog could love.
    At least the most important item that day - the milkshake - was good.



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