Back to the Routine (updated)

Well, I have (for the most part) recovered from my RNC experience. This includes, but is not limited to...

The mega-gigantic-paycheck (that was neither as mega or gigantic as I had anticipated) has come... and gone... (thanks to the transmission on my Saturn). Then to top it all off (like the icing on a cake sent to you by your nemesis) let's not forget a new set of tires (all four) on the van, and brake shoes on BOTH cars.

I have gotten back into the routine at home with the family, and at work.

I have located BOTH my lost work ID, and the set of keys that I lost track of during RNC. They were both missing for over a week. When I finally "gave up" and reported them as "lost" (I work in a secure facility), and the were deactivated, they both showed up (separately) the following day... The ID was located in a pile of dirty laundry (that I had checked NUMEROUS times during the week), and my keys and key-fob were left in my parents car (that I was using while mine was in the shop).
For those of you who know me, this will be of no surprise to you whatsoever. For those of you that are less familiar with me - and my tendency to a.) loose things, and b.) kook out until I find them... Take a gander at the preface on this "oldie but goodie" of a post titled A "Key" to Happiness.
I have also been trying to get back in the groove with my radio buddays Ron and Fez (whom I missed terribly). I missed some good radio while busy, but fear not... I recorded the show!

Between the RNC, other work obligations, overtime, and family obligations... I have not had a full set of days off from my work schedule since Mid August... Yup.. I have had a total of four days of in 36 days.... So, with my first set of four days off quickly approaching, I am gearing up to re-start the home projects I left half finished back in August... Some wood staining and varnishing.
Wow FOF, how do you do it... When are you going to get any R & R time for yourself?
Glad you mentioned it. The duck hunting season opener is just around the corner. That means some quality time with my friend Ed (the same Ed who hid my keys in the preface listed above) up at his cabin. Duck, squirrel, and grouse hunting!!

What's even better about this year, is that #2 of 5 has enrolled in a Firearms Safety Course, and after (successfully) completing the program, he can (and was invited to) join us at Duck Camp this year!

It will be so much fun to have one of the boys up there with me this year... and for Ed and I to have an opportunity to pass along some of our favorite traditions.... (Only, I promise that #2 of 5 will not do any drinkin' or cigar smokin'.... I'll leave that to Ed and me!)

Here is last year's story from Duck Camp... (Click it.. It's a link) Enjoy!

UPDATE: #2 of 5 passed the firearms safety test with a 90%!! I am VERY proud of him! He has one last hurdle... The class is holding a life-fire shoot... As long as he can demonstrate safe gun handing in a "real life" situation, he will receive his Firearms Safety Certificate!

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