A prayer request.

The Mother of Five just called me and told me some shocking news...

A member of our Church / School family - (who also have five children) just found out last night that one of their five has a brain tumor.

They were given a high priority "next day" appointment for surgery, which is supposed to happen today.

#2 of 5 is very close friends with one of their five, and our #4 of 5 is classmates (and plays with) another one of their five.

I (personally) believe in the power of prayer - and so I am asking anyone who is reading this to pray, meditate, think kind thoughts, or do whatever it is that you do to send some good karma towards this young family, and this little child.

It would mean a lot to me - and I know it means even more to their family.

Thank you.


  1. I'm praying real hard for your friends Dave. As another mother of 5, I can't even begin to guess the agony, pain, anguish this family is going through right now. Yes, 7 prayers will be sent to this family tonight from the 7 of us.

  2. Prayers for you and your friends.

  3. Parent to parent.... my heart aches for that family. I too believe the power of prayer is so STRONG! Many, many prayers will go out to the family. It is times like this (when I hear or read about children/illness) that I wish I could make everything better. Having gone through so much trauma, 4 1/2 mo. of hospitalization and many surgeries with N1S - I'd take any child's pain any day to spare them.
    God Bless and Peace be with the family and child....

  4. Prayers will be coming from us. I can't imagine what they are going through. Hearing about this really puts into perspective things in life that either matter, or really don't. I will offer my music as prayer at church.

    Sis (Denise)

  5. Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers... I have not heard an update yet, so please keep them coming..

    It is appreciated.


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