I am so Jealous!

Well, ok Jealous is a pretty strong word, but after reading about Dad Stuff's recent Father / Daughter activity, it got me thinking, and then I remembered that the local Jaycees were holding the same thing - a "Daddy / Daughter" dance. I just could not recall when it was scheduled.

I had emailed the editor of the local paper, and he confirmed that there was indeed a Daddy / Daughter Dance - and that it was tonight (Saturday). With less than two days notice, it was (unfortunately) not going to work with our schedule.

I did talk to Mother of Five about it, and she said she would help me remember to watch for it next year.

I guess disappointed is a better choice than jealous...

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  1. It was pretty smart of you to get Mother of Five on the case. Lady Di is the one that keeps me in the loop. I benefit greatly from her vigilance. I would barely know our kids names if not for Lady Di. I hope you can get in on a dance of your own. You will have a blast.
    Thanks for the link.


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