A Heartfelt Thank You.

For all of you who answered my prayer request, I want to thank you.

Once again, the power of prayer has amazed me. This young little fella is going to be JUST FINE. The tumor on his brain stem was found to be a benign tumor. He is going to have to spend a week in the hosptial recovering, and then a few months in O.T. re-learning how to walk. (Apparently a side effect of the surgery - and expected...).

Again, I cannot thank you all enough for the prayers you sent his way... I have no doubt that you played a part in the sucsusful outcome for this little guy!


  1. Glad to here things are getting better for him.

  2. That was great news! Prayers still will be sent to the little young man as OT can be a challenge too! He is a fighter!


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