Guess What Was Waiting For Me

Today after I got home from work, sitting on the entryway table just waiting for me to come home and appreciate it (fully) was a court summons.

Normally, when I get a summons from work, it comes to me AT WORK, and from the county I work in, not the county I live in... So that instantly got me wondering...

What crime did I commit? Who is suing me? What did I witness?

Well, it's none of the above.

I am REQUIRED TO APPEAR at the Scott County Justice Center for TWO WEEKS AS NEEDED BEGINNING March 17, 2008 for JURY DUTY.

(Bold, red, and capitalized text were... well... Bold, Red, and CAPITALIZED - to stress the significance of the importance of this SUMMONS.

This will be my second foray into the duty known as Jury. I was summoned right-of-the-bat at age 18... It was an interesting two weeks.

Now, I have to make all the arrangement with my employer.

Wish me luck... (rolling my eyes)


  1. Do you guys get a uniform where you dispatch? I know down here in ol Goodhue County they do. I have gotten the "you must appear" letter twice since starting at the Sheriffs Department. You would not believe how quick you are in and out when you wear the uniform to the first day of "jury duty"!

    Just thought you might like to know (if you didn't already!).

  2. I've served in the military, I'm 35years old, I've gotten speeding tickets--i.e., I'm on the government's list.

    And I've NEVER had to go serve in Jury Duty.


  3. This is a formal notice:

    YOU, FOF, have 2 and 1/2 weeks to cough up a lung or come up with some other great excuse...

    This may be your last notice...

  4. I've never had jury duty. My wife has and all she did was read a book for 3 days while they decided to use her or not. I kinda think it would be cool for a day or so.

  5. Dawg! After bragging about NEVER having Jury Duty...guess what I got in the mail Saturday!

    Karma is a bi*ch!


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