Thanks alot for rubbing it in!

Just a couple of quick pics for AtHomeDaddy who posted about Spring Yard Cleaning (tinkering around his yard, flowerbeds, and having to actually turn on his air conditioner).

Yes... 02-04-08 - o2 as in Feburuary!

Well, since today we were getting another 3" of snow, I thought I would dedicate this lil' ol' post to him...

(The kids backyard swingset and then (dedicated to his "White Trash Firepit") the current status of the FOF Firebowl...


  1. I'll be posting up a pic or two on Tuesday, so that you can see the harsh winter I am enduring.

    Yep, outside smoking a cigar a few nights a week in the backyard is an awful way to go through life.

  2. I'm sooo jealous!! We would kill for some of the white stuff.

  3. OK, FoF, my hat's off to you. I may not have any snow, but a clear 79 degrees today in AtHomeDaddy land. Driving around town with the sunroof open AND the A/C on in the car. As for THIRTEEN degrees, that's just not even funny.

  4. Thriteen? No, no, no.. Thirteen degrees would be 26 degrees warmer than the THIRTEEN BELOW ZERO that it was.

    When you factor in the wind, you get what is called a "whind chill" factor (what it "feels like" to your skin). We had wind chills between thirty (-30) and fifty (-50) below zero..

    See THIS LINK for more info on wind chill.

  5. Charlie... Yeah - we sort of take it for granted.. and then there are thoes that complain about it.

    I actually enjoy our seasons... I dont mind a few days of the "extreme" temps (either way) - and I am finding that the older I get, the more I dont mind the cold.

    I dream of living in rural NORTHERN Alaska.

  6. I want snow like yours.

    We got snow last week but by the time I got the camera out it had gone.

    My kids would love your 'yard'.

    Glad to hear the little boy will be fine. I couldn't even imagine how it would feel as a parent.



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