When will I catch a break?

Ok.  This will be my last post about my schedule for a while.  I am getting as sick of complaining about it as I can imagine you are with reading about it - and what good does it do anyway?  I had to share this one last story as a perfect example of how it all goes wrong sometimes.
If you recall, Friday through Tuesday was a really bad period as far as my work/home schedule went.  Wednesday allowed for a bit of catch-up - but was still pretty busy.  Thursday night into Friday morning was supposed to be my real opportunity to "recharge" before heading back into two more mornings of 3am - 7am overtime shifts.
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After visiting my in-laws home for Thanksgiving (and after getting off work) , we headed home.  My wife broke out a copy of "Miracle on 34th St" to watch with the kids, and I started cleaning the kitchen, when the phone rang.
On the other end of the phone was Ed (whom I had left a message for earlier in the day). 
Ed of course wished me a happy Thanksgiving, and then went right into scolding me about my recent lack of sleep.  He actually THREATENED me.  I think it went something like "take better care of yourself or I am going to hurt you" - Which is a bit of an oxymoron if you ask me.  (I am considering formal charges on the threat..)
Anyway, after a bit of catch up, the call waiting beeped in, and although not part of the immediate conversation, was in the front row to see how quickly my schedule can change, and bring you down.
It was Jeff on the other end of the phone.  Jeff said he had good news and bad news for me.  The good news was there was some extra overtime available because of a sick-call-in.  The bad news was that if I did not volunteer for it, I was going to be forced to take it anyway.
So, at 9:30 pm, I got word that I would need to be at work at 3am (which means getting up at 1:30am).  Needless to say, I was not prepared for that, and was not ready to just jump into bed and go to sleep.  So, by the time I got off the radio, cleaned up, and got ready for bed and climbed into bed - it was pushing 10:30.
Another night with only three hours of sleep - followed by two more overtime shifts of 3am-7am - which means getting up at 1:30am... 
I only hope I can get to bed before 10:30 for the next two nights.  If not, it will be more of the overtired, stumbling, bumping, "burning the candle at both ends", "sending himself to an early grave" Father of Five...

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