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Maybe I am voyeuristic. Maybe I am obsessive compulsive. Maybe I am narcissistic. Maybe I am a hybrid blend of these things, who knows... You see... I have an unhealthy love affair with SiteMeter. What is SiteMeter you ask?

Sitemeter tells me a lot of information about visitors to FOF.

I find myself checking SiteMeter several times a day. I rarely find anything too unusual there, but what I do find, I find very interesting.

I also know, is that I am not alone. Eric is one fellow blogger that does follow his traffic. (He talked about it very briefly once.) Not all the blogers I know follow their "web traffic". In fact, of the blogs listed in "My Blogging Friends" - I think I watch their SiteMeters more than they do!

I have my (and many others') Details page bookmarked for quick and easy reference.

One of my favorite aspects of SiteMeter is the Referral Page. This page tells me (if it's known) which page brought the visitor to my site. I get many referrals from The Ethereal Garage, Many Things Do Not Fly, King of Clubs, and Krystal the Pistol. (I even get an occasional referral from the infrequently updated  JDZ Photography). I expect referrals from these blogs. Many of their readers know me, and I know many of their readers.

Sometimes I find links from fellow "Dad Bloggers" like Stuff in my Brain, JerryChicken, and The Famfare. I think it is amazing how you can find "like minded" folks like these great guys. I check in on their blogs daily, as I can see they do on mine!

Well, I have a daily diet of MANY father bloggers (see the list on the right). Every once and a while, one of these guys posts a list of keywords that someone typed into a search engine (like Google, Yahoo, etc.) to find their site, adding witty comments on how they feel about someone finding their site through any given search. Example 1, Example 2, Example 3. (Sorry Everyone, I know y'all have 'em - It's just that Tales From the Dad Side's came up first. If you have a link to YOUR list(s), please post it as a comment for me!)

So, I thought I too would start making a running list of the keywords (or phrases) that people hit my site with too. I got to work, copied, pasted and compiled the most recent list.

Wow... I am amazed at the fun, witty, obscure, profane, corrupt and dirty searches some dad blogs are found. I found out that mine... IS NOT ONE OF THOSE BLOGS. Nope.. It's a pretty boring list to be honest...

Between October 21st and November 5th 2007, FOF was stumbled upon using the following phrases in any number of different search engines.

taking dad for granted
father of five
workbench plans secured to a wall
backwoods cigars
brownsea patch
you know we will have a good time
then dad
krystal the pistol
how to find a new clothes style for myself
myspace homemaker layout
bear axe wood father outdoor
social anxiety
cairn terrier called cookie
Tennessee backwoods cigars
roller skating snowball
third stall
father of five
dollar dance and a cigar at a wedding reception
funny life of a father
life lessons on not taking life for granted
Anthony and Opie Nikki Sixx
pepere shirt
star tribune Jim Adams turkey
life lessons on not
taking things for granted
gagging or dry heaving schatzki's
four father clothing
field museum prenatal development
things for granted in life
what percent of a wardrobe is picked out for
what does b&t clothes
i have failed my family

I will (as time allows) continued to maintain a list of these words and prases. Find them under the Label "Keywords".


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