FOF Observaton #5

Dont even try it without a van...

Or a bus...

(Check out the "ESP" version
of this photo HERE)


  1. Looks like our van on one of our grocery shopping trips that includes Sams and Walmart to stock up for 2 weeks. And we only have 3 kids!

  2. Yup... You hit the nail RIGHT on the head.

    It is our two week Wal-mart / Sams Club run!

    The fun part had just started...
    (unpacking the van, and dividing up what goes in the kitchen, and the basement (pantry)).

  3. Wow!

    Just Wow.

    I'll be happy next time I only have one bag of cereal and three gallons of milk in my shopping cart.

  4. I love how happy Melissa looks! Dad can I eat now?

  5. Mike...

    Anytime you want me to fill your cart with my groceries (as long as your paying) I'm game!!!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


    That's what a child who has not eaten in a week looks like when you finally bring some food home!

  6. Christopher and I went grocery shopping this morning and when we got home he was complaining a little bit about having to unload the 5 bags from our truck. I logged on and showed him this post, nuff said!

  7. Krystal, if he ever complains about havng to pay the grocery bill, I could post a reciept or two for you also!!


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