Deck part 3 - The permit came today!

I got the building permit today, and (as expected) there were a few changes that needed to be addressed...

Along the ledger board where the patio door cantilevers out over the house, I have to add a "double-header" (no, not as in baseball) along the ledger board. So along the patio cantilever there will be three 2x10's running parallel with the house. Then the two joist boards that meet up with the ledger board along the house will also have to be doubled, all the way back to the rim joist at the end. I am still not clear if I will need any additional posts and beams, but the inspector did not list any new footing placements on my plans. I will have to make a phone call to clear up a couple of last minute questions, and then... Time to go!

On a side note... Of course yesterday, I pulled a muscle in my back and it got a little worse today. Hopefully by the time the materials arrive, and I'm ready to "dig in" - I'll be better...

Wont be long now!!


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