Deck Part 5 - More digging

I rented an eight inch bore. The posts need too be eight inch, but bevel out to twelve to fourteen inches at the very bottom.

I was worried about how I was going to apporach this daunting task, but it has gone much better than anticipated. I use the shovel and scrape out the bottom of the holes, and pull up the debris dirt. It's a little time consuming, but is easy work. I put on the
XM Radio and just start diggin' away.... Next thing you know, it's time to clean up for work.

I got 8 of the 11 holes finished yesterday. I will have the rest done today, and the footings will be ready for inspection!

Because it's not "perfect" - I'll end up needing more concrete than I originally ordered, and some rebar - but that's ok...

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