Deck Part 2 - NOTHING is ever easy...

Ok, deck plans made.

Deck plans submitted. (Yet still waiting to hear back from inspector)

Materials on sale.

Money in bank.

That's when I find out that the cantilever that is my sliding patio door was indeed NOT built to support the weight of a deck, even thought it has the decking channel built into the siding...

What does this mean? This means more work, modification of plans, more money, more work, more time... I don't even know what the inspector is going to say yet, but because I WANT to do the job right the first time, I am going to ask the inspector, and see what he says.

I am going to venture a guess that he is going to ask me to place another "Beam" up along the house under the deck where it meets up with the cantilever entrance, to support the weight of the deck. All things considered... That wont be too bad. About $100.00 extra, three additional holes / posts, and a few hours extra time. But to not have the deck rip a portion of the house away, it will be worth it.


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