Deck Part 1

Ok, since it will cost nearly $70,000 to add the addition we want to add to the house, that idea has been scrapped. The next best thing is... A deck. About the same size, (ok... a little bigger) in the same area as the addtion would be put. We have been kicking around ideas on a layout of the deck, and this is what we have come up with...

21' deep (out from the house) x 20' wide (side to side). Here is a quick photo of the layout... It may be hard to see, but I'll try to get some better pictuers of it later.

Here is where it will be;

On a side note... Zachary offered as much help as I want when it comes time to build. He said he has his own tools, and lots of screws in his toolbox too! (I was so proud). Guess he is going to learn a little bit about deck building this summer! Jonathan was not too intrested in helping build, but said he can't wait for the "finished deck party"! That's my "socialite" kiddo for ya!


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