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In an effort to clean up my sidebar just a bit, I am removing the "Father Bloggers", and in it's place I am going to put a single link to this post in it's place.

Of course, the first three links are my "trifecta" of blogs... So they get first billing! After the list of my blogs, I will maintain the list in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. There is NO SIGNIFICANCE to which blog is first, and which is last.

I do my blog reading through Google Reader, and this is the list of Father Bloggers (and a few mothers too) that are currently in my reader. I do read all of these (as time allows), but the BOLDED links are ones that (for whatever reason) I tend to gravitate more towards, and comment on more frequently. Most of these are from Minnesota, or (if the are not) it is someone that I share a a common interest (other than fatherhood) with, or wrote a post that hooked me in.

If you do not find your blog on here, and you think I would be interested in it, please drop me an email HERE, or leave me a comment!

Dad Bloggers - Updated 07-20-08

The Life of a Father of Five

- Dad's Outdoor Journal

- My Unattainable Dreams

A Family Runs Through It

Adventures of Darth Daddy

All That Comes With It

Almost a Dad



Be A Good Dad

Citizen of the Month

Claire's Dad

Coffee Shop Pop

Creative-Type Dad

Cry It Out: Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Dad

Cynical Dad

Dad In Alaska

Dad in Progress

Dad of All Trades, Master of None

Dad of Divas
- Dad of Divas Reviews

Dad's Workbench


Daddy Daze

Daddy Types

Daddy's Fish Bowl

Daddy's Little Tax Credits

Diary of Triplet Fatherhood


Family Guy

Fatherhood Matters

From The Morning


Hooray For Saturday!

Imps Playground - Living in Our Imp.Perfect world

Inside Fatherhood

It's Not about the Badge

-----It's About the Photos

Jerrychicken - The Diary

L.A. Daddy


Male Homemaker - A Contradiction in Terms



Mr. Mom in Florida

My Best Investments

OMG I'm a Daddy

Peanut Butter and Smelly's Dad

Postulates & Pasttimes

Rebel Dad: the stay-at-home dad revolution, online

Relaxed Parents

Shotgun Daddy


Stuff in My Brain

Tales From The Dad Side

The Adventures of Charlie Blockhead

The Adventures of Samok Daddy

The Blogfathers

The Ethereal Garage

-----Confluence and Terminus

-----Tales from the Tuck-Under

The Famfare

The Journey of a Happily Married Man with Two Kids

The King of Clubs

The Life and Thoughts of a Midwest Geek

The SuperDad Chronicles

The Tutu Botique

Total Depravity

Unfinished Dad

What the World Needs...

Where Boys Fear to Tread

Here are a couple of Moms too!

Are We There Yet?

Cheaper Than Therapy

Common Mom

Days of Deerledge

From Russia With Love

Life Is Good

Lori and the Boys

Many Things Do Not Fly

Meet Virgina

Mother of 8

My Family and Other Animals

Peddlin' Crazy

Refuse To Turn 30 (aka Krystal-the-Pistol)

Thoughts From a Stay-At-Home Princess

Two Texas Twins

World of Weasels


  1. Woo-hoo! I got bolded! Thanks.

    You should check out DadTalk. One of my favorite informative (and sometimes personal) dad blogs.

  2. I know I may not have updated recently but COME ON!!!!!

  3. Whoops... Sorry Jeff...

    I filtered a few others out too that are humor blogs but not parenting blogs...

    I'll need to make another category.
    (assuming you will update more than once every two months)

  4. Hey David - a touch of O.C.D. never killed anyone, eh? ;-)

    I'm glad to be in bold type!

  5. Well, yeah.. it came from a new layout I found and fell in love with...

    I converted my Outdoor Journal blog over... Check it out!

    But, it was so hard to do, and I still like the wider "body" to the text.... That I decided to leave FOF alone (at least for now)...

    But I did do some housecleaning!

  6. Thanks Dave!
    I will work on the frequency issue :)

  7. You gotta stop reading that AtHomeDaddy/TruckinDaddy crap. That stuff'll rot yer brains.

  8. Can't wait till I have 5 :)
    Just with 1 kid and blogging from Tokyo each day.

    Keep it up.

  9. I found also this blog of father interesting today !


  10. Thank you for listing me. :) I always love to learn about other blogs out there that are about parenting and such.


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