Burger King - Jordan, Minnesota The other night while #2 of 5 was scheduled to work and #4 of 5 was away with friends.  This left #3 of 5, #5 of 5, the Mother of Five and I home.  The Mother of Five came up with the brilliant plan to dine out.  Where you ask?? 

Why BURGER KING of course!!

She thought it would be fun to surprise #2 of 5 at work!  I thought it was a GREAT idea since I had not seen him “in action” yet!

We arrived, and tried to “sneak” (yes, there is a video game where you (as that creepy Burger King dude) must “sneak” around and feed people – be sure to check out the link) into the restaurant.  I think we were successful because when we arrived #2 of 5 was bent over behind the counter lifting some boxes.

Didn't even notice us yet...  SURPRISE!  What a smile!  Cheeseburger Please.

Left photo – Just as he popped his head out from under the counter and was setting another box on the counter.

Center photo – SURPRISE!!  Oh, how I LOVE this photo.  We rarely get to see this smile on his face anymore.  It is the smile I remember from his childhood.  This is the #2 of 5 that I know and love! 

Right photo – I’ll have a cheeseburger please.  #2 of 5 taking #5 of 5’s order. 

Our order was taken (and filled) accurately – so we sat down to watch #2 of 5 while he worked eat our dinner.

Whoops! I enjoyed hearing him being told to “take out the trash”, and was immediately taken back to my own youth when I overheard the banter from the kitchen where I could hear him being (affectionately) referred to as a “mellonhead” (some of you may get the reference more than others). 

The true “show” (or “money shot” if you will) came when a remarkably un-courteous patron dropped her soda cup on the floor near the soda fountain.  Instead of telling anyone, she refilled her cup, gathered up here three bags of food and boot-scooted outta there without even a look back.  Two other sets of customers walked through the spilled soda.  The third couple to pass through the mess was older and the woman walked with a cane.  We overheard the man telling his wife to be careful because the floor was slippery.  We could take it no longer.  The Mother of Five advised the Manager about the spill, and she immediately called up #2 of 5 to mop up the mess.

That’s where I got a good look at #2 of 5 hard at work!

Moping Moping Moping   

Slippery when wet (and clean).


Actually, he did a pretty decent job of cleaning it up, and even put a slippery – wet floor sign down!

He has his moments (that’s for sure) – but in the end – I have to say how proud I am of #2 of 5.  He’s truly a good kid at heart! 


  1. Great smile when he saw you !!

  2. Wait, so did this lady drop her cup on the floor, pick it up, refill it and carry on? Ewwww, that's nasty!

    I'm sure your son enjoyed the visit, you guys should make it a routine thing.

  3. Oh, I just love it!!! I just might have to spill some pop so I can see some good mopping action when we are there!!! You know the boys are going to HAVE to order from him in his line!!! Very nice post!!! I loved the smiling picture, too!


  4. Well done, Mom & Dad! Pleasant young employee will go FAR in life applying all the torture you put him through as a child.

  5. How quickly those smile fade! Glad you captured one on your surprise visit. Looks good in his uniform and looks like he's enjoying the new job! Way to go 2 of 5!

  6. David,
    As a parent myself, you have much to look forward to! Just think, as he ages, you will get "smarter". Isn't that great? Since we "don't know anything" now, I so look forward to when he ages, and if lucky, has his own child/children. Yes, I already apologized to my father. Hopefully, your son will learn about life, and how rude people can be (see spilled soda story above) without becoming as jaded towards some in society as we are.



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