First Communion

#5 of 5 getting a "Do-Up" for her hair.With #2 of 5’s Confirmation less than 24 hours over the horizon, it was time to shift focus from #2 of 5, Uncle A, and the Confirmation to #5 of 5 and her First Holy Communion.  We quickly cleaned up the mess from our Confirmation reception to dress the house for a First Communion reception.

With the house cleaned (or at least the other minions kids doing some cleaning) it was time to get #5 of 5 ready for her big event!  She started off getting her hair done into something called an “up-do”, followed with her first communion dress.  She was wearing the locket her Godparents gave her as a Baptismal gift.  Her veil was also made by her grandmother – and was (partially) made from her flower girl dress she wore when her Uncle B and Aunt J were married!

Once #5 of 5 was all dressed up, we headed off to Church where we had some time for photo opportunities before the actual mass began.  Part of the preparation for First Communion is to make a “First Communion Quilt Square”.  All the quit squares are sewn together to make an alter cloth.  That alter cloth is brought out for the remaining sacrament (Confirmation), and then again for their high school graduation send-off mass.  It’s a fun way to reminisce!   

#5 of 5's First Communion Quilt Square All smiles for #5 of 5 on her First Communion

Left photo above:  #5 of 5 with her Quilt Square.

Right photo above:  #5 of 5 – all smiles!

Mother of five, #5 of 5, Father of five The WHOLE "Father of five" family! 

Left photo above:  The Mother-of-five, #5 of 5, The Father of Five.

Right Photo above:  ALL OF US!!
Back row (left to right) #1 of 5, #3 of 5, #2 of 5, and The Father of Five.
Front Row (left to right) The Mother of Five, #5 of 5, and #4 of 5. 

#5 of 5 and her cousin in 2007  #5 of 5 and her cousin - five years later!

Left photo above:  Photo of #5 of 5 with her cousin M taken at Uncle B and Aunt J’s wedding in July 2007.  This is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE photos!!  The look on their faces was PRICELESS!!  This photo was NOT staged.  I just happened to be at the right place at the right time! 

Right photo above:  #5 of 5 with her cousin M taken at #5 of 5’s first communion.  Note – her first communion veil was made from the dress in the photo on the left. 

The mass was held after our parish’s regularly scheduled masses, and officiated by our parish priest Fr. Timothy Yanta, along with Deacon Gary Hoffman (our Parish Deacon).  Siblings of the First Communion Candidates were allowed to alter serve if they wished, so #4 of 5 volunteered!   

Fr. Yanta and Deacon Gary saying First Communion Mass #5 of 5 and #4 of 5

Left photo – left to right – Fr. Timothy Yanta, Deacon Gary Hoffman, #4 of 5, and two other alter servers I am unfamiliar with. 

Right photo - #5 of 5 (First Communion Candidate) with her sister #4 of 5 (Alter Server)

Fr. Timothy Yanta and #5 of 5 during the Wednesday Mass following her First Communion - photo courtesy of Robin Nawrocki Photography

I could not be more pleased that Fr. Yanta was the officiating priest!  He does such a great job with the kids!  I think he does a great job addressing the kids in a way that they can understand his message that is still inspiring to me as an adult.  I could not be happier that our memories of #5 of 5’s first communion with be with Fr. Yanta!

This photo was actually taken at #5 of 5’s “Second Communion”. 

The kids of St. John the Baptist School attend weekly mass.  The 2nd graders of were given permission to be out of uniform and were allowed to wear their First Communion clothes to school on the first Wednesday after the kids’ First Communion.  This photo was taken from the Wednesday Morning Mass three days after her first communion.   

This photo is actually courtesy of Robin Nawrocki Photography.  Her son is in the same class.  Robin is an amazing and talented photographer, and she was there capturing each of the 2nd graders receiving their “Second Communion”. 


#5 of 5 with her First Communion bible shaped cake#5 of 5 and #4 of 5 with Fr. Timothy Yanta - after a weekend of Confirmation and First Communion massesAfter mass there were some additional photos. 

With the unique set of circumstances we had this year, we could not help but get a photo of #5 of 5 on her first communion, with #2 of 5 the day after his Confirmation along with our favorite parish priest, Fr. Yanta! 

Then it was time to head back home for #5 of 5’s First Communion  celebratory meal.  Like #2 of 5’s Confirmation day in which he chose Lasagna, we let #5 of 5 choose whatever she wanted for her meal. 

Her choice?  Barbequed Pulled Pork sandwiches!   

We had BBQ Pulled Pork, potato salad, cole slaw, lettuce salad, fruit salad, strawberry daiquiris, white wine, and (just for grandma) a bottle of Riunite Lambrusco!  There was also a customized Bible shaped cake!! 

The day turned out beautifully.  It was the perfect ending to a special faith-filled weekend at the FOF compound. 


  1. Beautiful girl! Lovely family! It is a delight to see a family growing together in love and faith. Congratulations and thank you for sharing this special time.

  2. I got TEARS! What a beautiful little girl. I remember that moment like it was yesterday!


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