Six Years

Let me share with you some “facts” behind the The Life of a Father of Five
The Life of a Father of Five went live April 2nd 2006 with the post titled “Why?”. 
In six short years I have compiled a total of 714 “officially” completed posts, 36 “draft” posts (incomplete, or unpublished posts), and countless posts that were started (on paper, as emails, or word processer files) that never made it to the status of “draft”.  That does not count the three or four posts I have brewing in my mind on any given day. 
Sixteen days after going live, I added the first of four statistics tools.  With these tools, I have been able to keep track of some interesting numbers about The Life of a Father of Five.  Using the stats I find on Sitemeter (the first page tracking site I used) – Since Jan 18, 2006 The Life of a Father of Five has had a total of 41,978 visits.  Many visits often encompass viewing several different posts, and so the 41,978 visits have resulted in 71,875 page views.  This averages out to roughly 27 visits per day and 45 page views per day.  (You should see some of the funny search terms that land folks here!)
While all of these “factoids” are kind of cool and may be somewhat interesting and or funny, they are (to me) a much less meaningful as the people I have met along my path.  I am not the most socially outgoing fella.  Honestly, I STRUGGLE in large crowds or while meeting new people.  Blogging has opened up a new world to me.  It has given me a chance to connect with a network of liked minded folks who have truly become an important part of my life.  Without the medium of The Life of A Father of Five to help facilitate this, I doubt I would have had the opportunity to bump into / stumble upon a number of people (some who I have had the fortunate opportunity to meet, while others I still hope to one day meet) out there that I have got to know on a personal level, and have have truly come to consider friends.
Whether you are a first time reader, or you have been with me from the beginning - I hope that you have enjoyed your time here.  The Life of the Father of Five is, was, and will be (first and foremost) an outlet for me.   A means for me to one day share a little bit about what life was like from MY viewpoint with my children.  It has been through my sharing my viewpoint that I have learned a lot about myself, and have learned a lot from others.  I hope I have been able to entertain a few people along the way too.  The Life of a Father of Five is just as much for and about YOU as it is for me. 
On this six year anniversary, I want to thank each and every one of you.  It’s you that help make this such a wonderful journey!  God willing, I look forward to sharing, learning, meeting, befriending, building, enhancing, and improving The Life of a Father of Five over next six years! 


  1. Happy 6th Anniversary to "The Life of a Father of Five"!

    I can echo a lot of this post for myself... not the most socially outgoing fella, meeting friends through blogging, learning alot about myself through blogging, unwritten posts brewing in my mind, etc.

    I, for one appreciate being the recipient of one of those "virtual friendships" that resulted from this page! I so much appreciate the "virtual" support of sharing in some of the thoughts and experiences of "like-minded" guys. Congrats, and keep up the good work, my friend!

    1. Jeff, I don't know why we stumbled upon one-another's blogs - but I do believe it was meant to be so. Getting to know you has been truly a pleasure. I look forward to our continued "virtual" friendship and truly believe that our paths will one day cross!

  2. You have done such an incredible job my dear brother!!! You have such a beautiful way of sharing your stories, and it keeps me so much more connected to you being so far away!!! So keep those stories brewing, and I can't wait to read the next one!!! Happy Big 6!


    1. Thank you Sis. That is another added bonus to this here site. Being able to keep up with family afar.

  3. You are a good man FoF. Congrats on the anniversary!

  4. 6yrs? That's freaking awesome! Congrats man, here's to many many more!

  5. Keep it up! I just LOVE it. Always have and always will enjoy your writing!


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