We have reached another one of those milestone moments.

Two summers ago, he volunteered as a seasonal “Councilor in Training” at Phillipo Scout Reservation.

Last summer he took a (paid) seasonal position as Kitchen Staff (while his younger brother did a stint as “C.I.T.”) at Phillipo Scout Reservation.

These were great experiences, but the reality of having to drive him back and forth (two+ hours round trip) up to four times a week really took its toll on our time management, gas budget, and wear-n-tear on our vehicles.  It was less than ideal, but in this economy and job market – I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help my kiddos become successful in the future.   


BKThis year (actually a few weeks ago), #2 of 5 he accepted a “regular” part-time (non-seasonal) position…  LOCALLY!!

Yup, you got it!  BURGER KING!


bkkingAlthough I’d LOVE to see it (and would be willing to pay some of my hard earned $$ to make it happen), I am pretty certain that #2 of 5 will NOT be donning that creepy oversized Burger King head, climbing through your window and into bed with you to hand you a breakfast croissant when you wake up, or stalking you outside your bedroom window handing you an eggnormous, meatnormous and cheesenormous sandwich when you open your blinds,  But, gimme a break, eh?  A dad can have aspirations for his son, cant he??  Wait… Isn’t (or wasn’t) Burger King’s slogan “Have it your way”?


Hold up a minute…  Come to think of it, I just may be able to overlook the creepy-factor of it all if someone (even in the creepy Burger King dude)  were waiting outside my window to hand deliver a breakfast sandwich that is described as “eggnormous, meatnormous, and cheesenormous”…  I’m just sayin’…  

All kidding aside, it is indeed fact.  Huzzah-Huzzah, ring the bells!!  #2 of 5 is now gainfully employed!

He filled out the on-line application (with very little help), and the next day they called him for an interview.  His interview was delayed, and then almost forgotten on the re-schedule date, but in the end they offered him a job.  We ran out to get him pants and shoes while waiting for a uniform shirt to arrive.  Finally (about two weeks after being hired) he started working / training, He has slowly begun working a couple of days a week as fill-in during their rush-hours, and is learning his way around the business.  He has now been working for about a month.

One day last week, the following Facebook banter appeared on #2 of 5’s wall (I am blue, he is red).

“So, working at Burger King today, I had a person ask me if we sold McChickens three times after saying this is Burger King.  Oh, the intelligence of some people…”
“Wow!  Some people amaze me…  That being said, I’ll take a Big Mac”
“No.  Don’t even…”
“Oh, all right then…  Just make it a McDouble and I’ll leave you alone!”

Then, one of #2 of 5’s maternal uncles chimed in.

“#2 of 5, in your blood is a long and proud lineage of Burger King flippers.  Good to see you carry on the tradition over there.  There can be only one true champion of fast food.  Their food (presumably referring to the McChicken, Big Mac, and McDouble references) is subpar and not worthy of mention in the hallowed walls of Burger King.”

That’s when I remembered…  The Mother of Five, each of her siblings, and #1 of 5 were all Burger King employees at one point in their lives!

I guess he is just fulfilling his destiny.


  1. HATE the creepy head! Congrats to 2 of 5!

  2. Congrats to 2of5! but I must say that one of my amazing sons-in-law used to work for McD's and on our recent road trip, my son and I did our bit to show our loyalty. Burger King is ok, but McD's fries are the best. And I liked my McDouble.

    the king is scary ugly. but I like the paper crowns

  3. So you have completely succeeded in making me super hungry! Does the BK family destiny come with a discount I can use? lol


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