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I have previously written about my "quotation mark” family (and a little get together we had last fall).  Recently, I discovered that a member of that “quotation mark” family has become a professional performer!  Yup, it’s true!  If you are reading this post, you can claim (through six degrees of separation) that you are connected to the one… the ONLY - Davey Roxx of Hair Metal Mania!!! (Smoke x Spandex x 80’s Rock = Hair Metal Mania!!) 

Well, since the last time I saw Davey Roxx play was 29 years ago for our 8th grade graduation party (and he blew my mind then), I figured it was time to see him again – so I started watching their gig-list…  Truthfully they usually played a little too far south for this practical “father of five” to road trip so I kept a vigilant eye on their website, and their FB fan page.

HairMetalManiaThat’s when it happened!  Another mutual friend posted a link to a FB event titled “Hair Metal Mania invades the Babe’s”.  Quickly, I clicked through to find out that Hair Metal Mania was going to be playing close enough for me to seriously consider going!  I checked with the Mother of Five and she agreed to be dragged along attend!  Thus began my FB media blitz!  Over the next several days I posted (repeatedly) that I would be attending, and invited any of those “quotation mark” family members who were interested, to join me!

The night of the concert arrived.  We fed the kiddos, and got them settled in – then headed out!  The Mother of Five arrived and (due to crowded conditions) were seated in a booth with an obstructed view.   Thankfully, we watched the other booths closely, and it was not long before a much better one opened up and we quickly took the spot. 

Before the show Davey Roxx saw us at our booth, and came over to say hello!  We visited for a short time, but he and his fellow band-mates were busy preparing for the show.  Not long afterwards my fried Lisa and her husband Andy joined us, then Chris and her husband John, and then Bekky (another classmate).

Folks, it’s not too often that this Father of Five let’s his hair down like he did during the show – but let me tell you it was JUST what the doctor ordered.  It gave me a chance to unwind a bit, to relax a bit, and to socialize a bit – all which I do not do often enough!

I tried several attempts at taking some photos during the concert – but the camera on my iPod just didn’t cut it.  The video camera on the other hand, did pretty good.

Here you see Hair Metal Mania preforming Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room.  (Did I mention that my Cousin Bob and I saw Mötley Crüe preform this live during their Theater of Pain tour (circa 1985 – 1986)).  The camera handling was a little shaky at first, but I soon got the handle on it. 

You will see some GREAT footage of a Davey Roxx solo between 0:30 and 1:15!!   

Yes, I had way too many (four) beers (I hope I didn’t make an ass of myself) – but, I also had a GREAT time!  If you get a chance to check out one of their shows, do it!  I really had a good time!

Many thanks to Davey Roxx, Kari Layne, and the rest of Hair Metal Mania for truly great night!!

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  1. Teresa Jungwirth Liesener3/23/12, 11:26 AM

    Thanks for posting this, Dave!!! I wanted to go sooo bad that night but it just didn't work out to go......I was so bummed! I hope they will be playing 'locally' again soon so we can go!!! Sounds like a great time!


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