Science Fair - 2012

Today was St. John the Baptist’s annual Science Fair.  The fifth and sixth grade students can work solo or as a pair and come up with a Science Fair Project.  They are required to identify a problem and use their project to come up with a solution.

#4 of 5 decided to team up with one of her closest friends.  Together they came up with a project that tries to solve the age old problem of stain removal. 

The project consisted of staining twenty fabric squares and treating a portion of each cloth with one of ten different stain treatment options.  One set of ten were washed in hot water and the other ten in cold water.

They conducted the experiment a second time and documented their results, wrote a project paper, constructed a display board, and then presented their project to two independent judges.

IMG_0584  IMG_0588

The above video was taken for our local newspaper, the Jordan Independent.

The girls (along with a few other contestants) were featured in an article for the paper.  Be sure to visit THIS LINK to check out that article!

IMG_0591The result?

They tied for first place!!

The girls and their project move on to the Regional Science Fair in Mankato in April!

I am so proud of these girls!! 

(And special thanks to the other girl’s mother who’s washing machine was used, and who put a lot of work into helping make this project so successful!)






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  1. That is awesome and quite the unique and original idea! Congrats!

    1. Yeah, I think that may have been a contributing factor. I don't recall seeing this project (stain removers) being done before. Thanks Keith!


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