“Family” (Quotation Marks Intended) Reunion

Last November, I wrote a little blurb about my “Family” (Quotation marks intended)

Unfortunately, a recent urgent situation has befallen one of the members of that “Family”.  Due to the circumstances this classmate has been in my thoughts and prayers quite a bit in the past week.  This has triggered a flood of emotions and memories from days gone by – and has motivated me to complete this “partial” post that I started before Christmas.   

Not long after that previous entry four delightful gals from my “Nativity family” (who organize a “girls night out” from time to time) decided to not only have one of their nights, but to open it up and invite as many of our class members as they could for an impromptu get-together!     

Cindy, David, Kris, MaryMargaretInitially, I felt a little trepidation about this.  Being socially anxious, and an introvert normally has me a little uneasy about such gatherings.  On the other hand, there were a number of friends I had not seen in years decades – and have been enjoying reconnecting with them on FB, so I was TRULY looking forward to seeing them in person again! 

I sucked it up (and my gut in – after all, the years have not been good to my “circumference”) and attended the event despite my anxiety.

I had a FABULOUS time!  We stuck around for several hours, and there was not one person I did not THOUROUGHLY enjoy catching up with.

The first photo is of myself with three of the four gals who set this whole thing up!  The fourth is gal is behind the camera.

David, Tom, Tim, DanOf my closest group of buds from elementary / junior high school, two of us went on to high school together, two more went to another high school together, and the fifth went to a third high school.  Unfortunately, only four out of the five of us made it to the get-together.  I was disappointed not to see the missing classmate and friend, but the four of us present talked about getting all five of us together some time for a “guys night out”.  This would really be something to look forward too.  Guys, if you are reading this – let’s make SURE this happens once it warms up again!

Afterwards a number of photographs (the ones from above – “stolen” with permission) from the get-together started showing up on FB.  One of the ladies who organized the get-together made an observation…  She said the photo above reminded her of an old photo I have (and posted a long time ago) of the same group of friends – apparently we were all standing in the same formation!

I checked back, and sure enough – there it was!  Not only were we standing in the same formation, but we were standing in front of a red-brick backdrop in each (and even a doorway on the right side of the pic) !! 

WOW!  Talk about Deja-Vu!

David, Tom, Tim, Dan - 2011 / 1983    David, Tom, Tim, Dan - 2011 / 1983 

Top photo – 2011
Bottom photo – 1983
28 Years Later!

Chris, Kris, Cindy, MaryMargaretI cannot call this post complete without a couple of last shout outs.

First – to the gals who gave up their “ladies night” and coordinated this (first of hopefully many) get togethers – a HUGE thank you!!

Finally, (but certainly not least of all) I’d like to send out a very special prayer and wish for our classmate who has fallen ill.  My thoughts and prayers go out to D.D. (and his entire family) for a FULL and SPEEDY recovery.  I have high hopes that when we do get our little “Family” (quotation marks intended) together again – that you will be there!

For those of you who where there – THANK YOU!  Despite all the years, you still all feel like family to me.  For those of you who were not there, you are never too far from my thoughts and prayers – and I hope that one day soon our paths will cross again!

Just a few of my "Family" (Quotation Marks Intended)


  1. That part with the photos from 1983/2011 is very nice! What could have led to that repeat formation? This is so funny :).

  2. Great pictures and post!!! What a nice time you guys had!!!

  3. oops...thats from me...Sis


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