That Was Almost Too Easy!

Not to be undone by co-worker, and fellow blogger Bill at The King of Clubs (and his ongoing Home Improvement series) it was time that I post something similar.

Last week I posted about an unexpected message that I found when I woke up one morning.  Not long after posting uploading the post, my telephone rang.  It was Best Bud Ed.  He had seen the post, and wanted to remind me about a little tidbit of info that I had forgotten.

09-20-10_1034_640x480He asked me if the disposal was an In-Sinkerator brand, and if it was, they had a universal coupling so I could simply drop the current disposal, and reattach the new disposal to the universal coupling attached at the sink.  It was indeed an In-Sinkerator brand. 

Best Bud Ed had also reminded me to get the model number, and measure the distance between the drain outlet and the top of the disposal.  These steps, I forgot to complete. 

I stopped at Lowes, and headed to the disposals.  They had the In-Sinkerator brand, but since I did not remember the model number or have the exact measurements, I had to “punt”.  They ranged in price from over $350.00 down to $75.00.  The top of the line (Evolution series) had sound dampening mounts, sound dampening insulation, mega horse power, two stage grinding, and all the extra bells and whistles.  Then, there was the basic line.  They were called “Badger” disposals.



I went with the Badger line.  My choices were the Badger1, Badger5, or Badger 5XP.  I did not want the bottom of the line, but did not feel I needed the top of the line either.  I settled with the Badger5.  When I finally got the disposal home and looked at the old one, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the old disposal was also a Badger5! 

I got my tools set up, sprayed the universal coupling on the old disposal with WD-40 to help loosen it up, turned on the Ron & Fez show to keep me entertained, and started in on the task at hand.





I un-coupled the old disposal, swapped out the electrical connection, and prepared to replace the disposal. 

(New disposal on the left, old disposal on the right)






Then, came the hardest part of the whole job.  Holding up the new disposal with one hand while trying to connect the coupling with the other. 

It took me about ten minutes to line it up, and get it fully connected.







In the end, the job took me about 30 minutes (I barley got through the entry song and the ichibans of the day on Ron & Fez). 

I only needed a couple of tools (surprisingly few), and (in all honesty) writing this post took me longer than actually replacing the disposal! 

Now, it’s on to the next project(s)…  Laundry (don’t watch for any posts), cleaning my room (don’t watch for any posts), and the patio project (stay tuned for a post in the future)..   


  1. Glad it was an easy fix for you. You know what direction plumbing projects can go most of the time. Enjoy the rest of the day knowing you beat the odds of plumbing repair........only 1 trip to the hardware store and you finished in less than a day!

  2. Thankyou thankyou thankyou! Our Insinkerator quit working a few weeks ago, and I'm supposed to replace it this weekend. But I was a little nervous about it. Reading your post has calmed my worries a whole lot.

  3. Idaho Dad..

    Only one thing I "forgot" - if you have a dishwasher, be sure to knock the "dishwasher plug" out.

    Otherwise, you will wake up in the morning with a dishwasher full of dirty water, and not so clean dishes (like I did).

    It only took a few minutes to actuallly knock the plug out.

    Email me (check the sidebar) if you have any specific questions!

  4. I remember when I did my garbage disposal! I think Maeve was about as old as Will is now! Man, how time does pass! Good post buddy!

  5. Mmmm-hmmm. I notice only fellow men and dads have commented so far. I did read the entire post, but I think I started having fantasies about paint colors right in the middle there. I must be missing a crucial fix-it gene. The next time I have to replace a garbage disposal, I'm calling you and having you fly in.

  6. David,
    You replaced it? Oh, now you've done it. Don't you know the machines talk to each other? They communicate through their commonalites - the pipes and the electrical system. Can't you see? It's so clear . . .look, I have it diagrammed on the chalboard behind me. The disposal will talk to the furnace who will talk to the water heater . . . soon, your entire house will be COMMUNIST! It's so obvious!
    - your friend,
    Glen Beck

  7. Its really very great post.thanks for sharing.i like it very much.


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