Another Prayer Request

A while back I sent out a request for any and all prayers that folks could muster up for another “Father of Five” who suffered a massive cardiac arrest.  I have been diligent in following his progress, and (overall) there has been “no bad news”.  His family continues to remain optimistic, and he has continued to remain in my thoughts and prayers…  Often. 

I also have a close family member with a health related crisis that I have been praying about – Regularly, but now, it appears that I am going to have to take my prayers into overtime.

Fellow blogger, and friend Eva from My Family and Other Animals just had The Worst Weekend Getaway Ever.

Then, if “The Worst Weekend Getaway Ever” was not enough, it was right Back to Square Two for them…

Even though I have never met Eva’s husband, we have the shared perspective of  “fatherhood” (fatherhood in bulk) in common – and if for no other reason, he will also be in my thoughts and prayers.

As I have in the past, I am again turning to the readers of FOF….  I am asking that that anyone reading post (regardless of when you stumble across this post) this take a moment to send a thought, a prayer, some good karma or positive Ju-Ju, heck, send whatever it is you have to offer their direction.

And please keep Lewis (the “other” Father of Five) and his family in your continued thoughts and prayers…  I know they appreciate it.

I hope you can find it in your heart to take just a moment for these fathers…   I have been.


  1. I am thinking of and praying for all of these folks! I just can't imagine...

    I tried to leave comments for them, but couldn't get to their comments pages. Please pass along my well-wishes if you get an opportunity.

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  3. FOF, thank you so much for including me and my family in this post. It means the world, and I know there are people I don't even know who are praying for our welfare.


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