FOF Observation #19

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Trendy stretchy fabric book covers?  We don’t need no stinkin’ trendy stretchy fabric book covers!

Despite the pleas from my menagerie of children, ascetics mean NOTHING to me when it comes time to cover school textbooks.

When THIS father of five covers a textbook, it’s covered for the YEAR

Thick reinforced grocery bags, seams and edges reinforced with heavy duty industrial grade duct tape, repaired bindings, and student’s name (in black sharpie marker) two places on the outside of the book. 

Book covers on steroids!  That’s how I roll.

IMG_0653_640x480 IMG_0658_640x480

Hey, at least I put the blank side out…  This way they can choose how to decorate the book in any “ascetic” way they want to – and I do not have to cover the book again, and again, and again, and again…..    Win / Win!


  1. THAT is my kind of book cover, as well! When I was a kid, all we had were grocery sacks for covers. They were strong and sturdy, and some markers or crayons for color were good enough. And we liked it! We loved it!

  2. That is the way we covered our text books! I am also pretty sure it was the ONLY option available, my how times have changed! The only option I would consider these days is colored duc tape!!

  3. IdahoNegomir...

    Funny you said that!! Last year I used Camouflaged duct tape for the boys!!

  4. I didn't know trendy stretchy book covers existed until I discovered that my kids had them a few weeks ago. I always made my own paper bag covers when I was in school.

  5. Haha, I wish I had you to cover my books for me. My covers never lasted. Maybe I'll enlist your services when it's time for me to cover my kids books.

  6. I love it! And not just because I CHOSE to cover my books that way as a child ;-) Duct tape . . . the best invention ever - well, maybe next to velcro... It's a toss up!

  7. We do them old school around here, too. My 6th grade students were puzzled when I suggested they go this route; they'd never heard of doing this. What's happening to the world?! :)

  8. We always used/use grocery bags, of course. Spend MONEY on book covers?! like we have money to throw away! You can really personalize when you use that "craft paper". If you get tired of it, you do have the option of doing a new one and again not worry about wasting money

    Good job, Dad!


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