Today begins a series of… changes. 

Yesterday, I was still working the “Daywatch” shift (from 07-1500 hours), but today (and for at least the next four months) I am working the “MidWatch” shift (from 4pm-2am for the first month, then from 3pm-1am for the remaining three months).  This will be the first time I have switched from my 8 hour day 7 on, 3 off, 7 on, 4 off shift and rotation to one of the new 10 hour day 6 on, 4 off, 4 on, 5 off, 5 on, 4 off.

I will admit that I am not a fan of working ten hour shifts, but since this will be my first foray into the world of 10’s – I’ll do my best to keep an open mind…  Stay tuned.  I’m trying my “darndest” to keep from forming an opinion until the end of the trimester. 

I’ll share my “review” in January. 

In other news that could be categorized as “Change” – I have FINALLY gotten around to cleaning up my Blogroll. 

For the past 2 1/2 years, that blogroll of mine was full of dead links, and links that (in all honesty) I never had time to actually visit.  I had close to a hundred links to Mom and Dad blogs there that (at one point or another) caught my eye.

But, in all honesty (and fairness) I have to admit that it was a RARE occasion indeed that I would actually click through and catch up on these blogs.

So, what I did is approach this in a two-step attack.  First off, I went into my feed reader, created a new “category” called “Blogroll”, and moved all the blogs that I DO read on a regular basis.  I then moved all those other blog feeds to a “blog” folder – So I can still read them when the mood strikes, but I also do not have to worry (or feel guilty) about accidently wiping the slate clean with a “mark all read” on a blog I do keep up with.

I then went and deleted the old “blogroll” page, and started a new one from scratch.  I took all the blogs from the “blogroll” category in my feed reader, and put them here on my FOF Blogroll page.


Rest assured, that if you are on this page, I am keeping up with your blog(s) on a regular basis (even if I do not comment as often as I should).  Also, many of these blogs have a “secondary” or related blog(s) that I visit, but, in the interest of keeping things neat, I only listed the “primary” (or what I consider the “primary”) blog.

Believe it or not, this was a much bigger job than I anticipated.  By the time I was done, I thought I had gone stir-crazy – so…  If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, I probably am a a frequenter of yours, and if you do not see your blog on that page – hit me up with an email…  It’s possible probable I may have overlooked one or two.

And on the final news related to “Change” – today is the last day of Summer vacation for the kiddos…  Tomorrow is the first day of 9th grade (high school) for #2 of 5, 8th grade (junior high) for #3 of 5, 4th grade (elementary school) for #4 of 5, and 1st grade (elementary school) for #5 of 5

#1 of 5 would normally be attending his (Post Secondary) Culinary Arts classes, but has taken some time off in order to complete the Management Training Program (a six week program) through his employer (that counts as “school” in my book), and is expecting a baby sometime in January.  Working full time, going to Management Training Classes full time, and a baby on the way this semester…  I think he has enough on his hands to justify the “hiatus” from Culinary Arts.

So, (in case your keeping score) that’s at least one kid in all levels of the educational ladder… 
Four different buildings for five different kids.

1 kid in post (of one form or another).
1 kid in high school.
1 kid in junior high school.
2 kids in elementary school.

Life is good.


  1. Moving from 7:30 tones to 6pm tones! :)

  2. Oh, the driving involved with all those schools! Good luck with the shift change times. Isn't that incredibly difficult when your sleeping schedule gets messed with like that? I guess you'll tell us when you review your time in January. You're doing a good service, though, and I thank you for being one of those incredibly helpful people on the other end of the line when there's an emergency.

  3. Very honored to make your revised "blogroll" list. I have no idea how you originally found me, but glad you did, as I enjoy regularly visiting... I know very few dad bloggers. I, too, need to assemble a "blogroll" page.

  4. Wow, one in each level of the education system? They should put you on the board of advisors!

    Good luck with the new schedule.


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