A Virtual Family Reunion

This weekend, my cousin Cindy, her husband Paul, and their daughter Katie from Maine (you may remember them from THIS POST or THIS YouTube VIDEO) made a road-trip to spend a long weekend visiting my sister in New York.

My mom was going to try and make it to to this mini-family-reunion as well, but due to timing and expensive airline tickets she was unable to attend.  Instead, my sister and I set up a video conference between their house and our house, and we spent over an hour visiting with my sister (and her family) and my cousin (and her family) over the internet.

Cindy is my maternal cousin (from my mother’s side).  Our shared grandparents are Mémère & Pépère… 

(You may have heard me talk about them before.  For those of you who do not, you can follow the links or take my word for it when I say how much my Mémère & Pépère meant to me.  There is hardly a day that goes by that I do not think of them in some way shape or form…  They were a big influence on me – and I love and miss them very much even after almost thirty years without them…)

Seeing and hearing Cindy and her family in person (or “virtually” in person) was GREAT!!  It has been years since I last saw my cousin like this. I see so much of my Uncle Dan in Cindy.  During the video call I (for the most part) stayed in the sidelines (a.k.a.  “Tech support”) in order to let my mom visit with my sister and her niece.  Still, I was was able to jump in the conversation a few times.

One of the first things Cindy mentioned after seeing me on the webcam was how much I reminded her of our Pépère…. 

I did not know what to say.  I had to choke back tears.DeniseJan

Cindy, I can not imagine a more meaningful thing you could have said to me.  Hearing you say that was truly a gift, and you may never realize how much that one phrase meant to me.  That one sentence truly made my night!  I can not thank you enough for that, and that moment will linger in my heart for a LONG time to come.

During the video call, Cindy and Paul spent some time sharing some old photos of my uncles, cousins, and grandparents (photos I have never seen before) that she brought with her.  Upon seeing some of these photos, tears actually welled up in my eyes.  My sister has said she would scan them and send me copies.  This will truly be something to look forward to!

My Sister on the left – My Cousin on the right.

We had some great laughs too!  I thought my hometown was great (small enough to have only two stoplights)…  Cindy and Paul’s hometown has only ONE (and there was discussion if that one even counted!!)  One of these days, I gotta get up there.  (Although from the sounds of it, there is a chance that I may never come back!!!

I also asked insisted hounded my sister to help set Cindy get set up on Facebook (They have not yet succumbed to the Facebook Frenzy) It’s such a great way of keeping in touch.

I’m hoping…  (Denise?  Cindy?  Are you reading this?)

After we were finished, and shut down the webcam – my mom could not stop talking about the amazing things that can be done on the internet…   Things like video conferencing – once thought of as Sci-Fi hoopla – now is so common that I can sit in my kitchen in Minnesota, visiting with my sister (in New York) and my cousins (from Maine) all at the same time…  Truly an amazing thing!

Thanks to Denise & Cindy for taking the time to do this with us.  You made my night, and even better, you really made Mom’s night!!  She was so happy!!!

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  1. This will be a memory that you will have forever. There is nothing like family. So glad that you have the webcam to use so its just like your right there!


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