Which Watch?

Are you sitting down?  I am about to tell you a little something about myself that may be a little "shocking" to some of you.

I can get a little "obsessive / compulsive" at times...

Yeah, ok.  I know, I know.  Some of you are surprised to hear that this father of five who seemingly has it "all together", just may have a few issues, a few phobias, a few skeletons hidden in his deep dark closet. 

Oh please - spare me.  Let the "sinless" (issue-less, or phobic-less) among you cast the first stone -

(ducking for cover)

Thankfully, my list is short, and not what I would consider "debilitating" by any means.  I have previously mentioned my obsession with lost keys, and my compulsion to find them.  More recently, I have been obsessing over replacing my wristwatch - and it's not the first time I have done so...  

I have worn a total of six watches since I started wearing a watch at the age of 12.

  • Armitron My first watch was a Timex analog watch - that actually had to be wound.  Yup, no battery - a good old fashion spring loaded wind up watch.  It even had a little window for the date on the face!
  • My second watch was one of the new fan-dangled Armitron digital watches.  No, not the LED watches... Nope.  It was an LCD watch!!  It had the date, day, time, and even had an ALARM!  I chose this watch because a good friend of mine had the exact same watch, and I LOVED it!   (Photo is of the exact model)
  • My third watch was another digital watch.  A black plastic Casio.  Less "decorative" and more functional.  I was (after all) working in a hardware store, and that watch got a lot of abuse.
  • By the time I was in my senior year in high school, fashion had became a little more important.  My fourth watch was an Elgin analog.  I picked up this watch at a local discount retail store (C.O.M.B. for those of you who may remember).

Up until this point - finding "the right" watch was never a problem.  They were either gifts, inexpensive utilitarian tools, or a good deal on a nice looking watch.

Then, somewhere around the time I started working as a dispatcher (still have not heard that story?  Check out PARTS ONE and TWO) I found that my analog watch was less useful as a digital watch.  So, when my fourth watch died I started a search for just the right watch.

41StpkUKnrL._SL500_AA300_ After a significant search, looking for "just the right watch", with "just the right features", for "just the right price" I ended up with a Timex T77517 Atlantis 100.  I had that watch for YEARS.  I was amazed at how well it "took a licking and kept on ticking".  A broken band (held together with fly fishing string) kept it running for another two years past it's initial failure.  (I'm too cheap to buy a new watch band when I can "fix" the one I have)

When that Timex finally died (some nine years after I first got it) - I again went on the hunt for "just the right watch", with "just the right features", for "just the right price".  This time, my search took me almost a full year.  I would find the right price, but with the wrong features, or the right features for the wrong price...  But never just what I was looking for.  It was both extensive and exhausting.  (Just ask the Mother of Five... She will tell you.  I drove her crazy during my search.)

After a year long search, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a new watch!  I ended up purchasing a Timex T77517 Atlantis 100 all over again...  Yup... Afer a year long extensive and exhausting search (that drove the Mother of Five crazy) when it finally came down to it, the only watch that seemed to provide me the features I wanted, for the price I could afford was the same exact watch.  

Fast forward another six years, and the second Atlantis has finally died.  It's band has failed at least twice (I found a GREAT method for repairing a specific ailment of it's band) but with the band having failed twice now, and the battery dead - it was time to start that dreaded search once again...

After the first month, I was tempted... I have stumbled across the T77517 a couple of times throughout my search.  It would be so easy, so familiar - to just grab it and go...  It could be on my wrist, and telling me the time in a matter of minutes...  But, after having worn the same exact watch day in and day out for the past 16 years, I have made a decision...  I have drawn a line in the sand!

It's time for a change.

That noise you just heard???

It was the "gasp" from all my close friends who just heard me welcome a "change".

Bound and determined to NOT wear the same wristwatch for ANOTHER five to ten years - I set out to find something, nay ANYTHING that came CLOSE to what I wanted in my price range.

It's been two, maybe three months so far.  I have found very little that suited my wants / needs.  I found some nice "Data Bank" watches - watches that I can set multiple alarms for - that will display (in text) what the alarm is sounding for (a co worker has one of these, and it's really kind of convenient) - but it's a little more expensive than I care to spend on a watch.  I found some affordable watches that did not have the minimum features I wanted.

But finally, I think I have found it!  Taking a leap of faith, I have purchased a watch that I think fulfills all my requirements - SIGHT UNSEEN.  Yup, I have not seen this watch first hand.  I have not tried it on (important), manipulated the functions, or seen the back light...  The functions and back light are not as important as the fit!  Remember folks, I am a GIANT of a guy.  I have wrists the size of small tree-trunks.  The only other watches I have seen that I liked did not fit.  My last watch barely fit on it's largest setting...

The necessary features this watch has is that it's digital, has a metal wristband, a "indiglow" style back light, a stopwatch and a countdown timer.  It has to be waterproof, and casual enough for everyday wear, but look nice enough for "Sunday dress"... And, it has to be big enough to fit around the "ham shanks" I have for wrists...

waveceptor Folks, may I introduce you to the WV58DA-1AV Waveceptor made by Casio.  (Description taken from Amazon.com's website)

This Casio waveceptor sport watch is a stylish casual watch bursting with features, making it an ideal choice for world travel or everyday adventures. The distinctive digital display features four asymmetrically divided mini-windows inside the round, brushed stainless steel bezel. The central window shows the time, kept accurate with multi-band atomic timekeeping and world time settings for up to 29 time zones (48 cities). The upper window displays the month and date, and the lower two windows display the day of the week and the waveceptor receiving signal. This watch also offers a daily alarm, countdown timer, 1/100 second stopwatch and an EL backlight with afterglow. The elegant stainless steel band with fold-over clasp and double push-button safety release completes the look. This watch is water resistant up to 165 feet (50 meters) and offers a two-year battery life.

The watch has scored a "four out of five star" rating from the 72 people who have rated it on Amazon.  One of the biggest complaints about this watch is it's overly large wristband, (which some of the reviewers have said will only fit a GIANT)...  Perfect for me!!!

I almost bought the watch a month ago.  The day I went to purchase it, I noticed the price went up seven dollars.  I was not having any part of that (Yeah, don't say it... It's only seven dollars), so I put off buying the watch.  Two days ago, while fumbling around Amazon for something else, I stumbled back onto the link for the watch and noticed the priced had dropped back down!

Needless to say, I am now looking forward to the arrival of my new watch!

You should have seen the look on the Mother of Five's face when I told her that I bought a new watch already (and that it was a different watch than the one she has seen me wearing for the past sixteen years).  It was a mixture of disbelief, relief, and surprise!

It sure will seem strange to have a different watch on my wrist after wearing the same one for the past sixteen years!

If you are in any further need of convincing of my obsessive / compulsion over wrist watches, consider this...  I just wrote what would be considered an "unusually long blog post" where I rambled on and on about my personal struggles with replacing a thirty dollar wristwatch...

Who else would do this?

Now that you know this about me, let me ask you....  What do YOU obsess over?


  1. Congrats on the watch selection. I just spent time reading your "unusually long blog post" about your struggle to replace a 30 dollar wristwatch, so perhaps we all have issues! My last 2 watches (worn about as long as your last 2) have been the Timex Ironman series, but I get upset when I need to repace it and the design has changed. I just want to buy another of what I know I like! I prefer mine swapped out with a simple black nylon band for comfort (another issue, because it is always hard to find a suitable nylon replacement band), and I have wrists like twigs, so fit is an opposite concern as yours. I am too afraid to purchase a watch sight-unseen, so I admire your bravery! Enjoy the WV58DA-1AV Waveceptor!

  2. The comment area is not long enough to list the things I might be a bit obsessive over :-) I will say, however, that I've had the same watch for 19 years . . . I've had 2 of the same watch in that time, but the same watch nonetheless. When I bought the second to replace the first, I was terribly disappointed that the numbers were a bit larger than the previous ;-) It's a Timex digital forest green thing . . . I can't even remember what exact model since it's been around so long.

  3. See, this is where we prove to be very different men. I went about 15 years without wearing a watch.

    The city issued me a pager and it told the time, so I put away/lost/destroyed/something my watch and never went back to it.

    But part of that is also because I have little, girly wrists and I have to look for smallish watches (sometimes even looking at the women's watches-though I don't think i ever actually bought one.)

    Last year the MIL bought me a real man's watch and I love the big, lod, clunky think. MAKES ME FEEL PRETTY! I mean COOL!

  4. I can't wear watches. Not only do they always stop (what? am I so magnetic?), it annoys me no end to have it wrapped around my wrist. I fiddle with it, twist it, feel sweat building under the wristband. It's the same reason I only wear a simple gold band as my wedding ring and told my husband to skip the diamond thing cause I wouldn't wear it.
    I really only obsess over two things: ginger beer and (ahem) brassieres. My ginger beer has to be gingery enough to kick me hard in the back of the throat and give me heartburn almost immediately without any additional fruity flavor. The...foundational garments...obviously must fit well and feel very comfortable, as I really don't want to fiddle with them all day, either. I will search long for just the right one.

  5. Digging the watch man! Congrats on the selection. I know the feeling when it comes to watches though, I hastily chose my last watch and have been having some regrets. But no way I'm getting rid of it until it dies. I just have to live with the choices that I have made, lol.


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