A Day at the Beach

IMG_0395_360x480The weatherman forecasted an unusually hot day today.  Hot and humid, with a high dew point – and a strong likelihood of some severe storms because of the mix of heat and moisture in the air.

With #2 of 5 away at C.I.T. and #4 of 5 with a friend’s family for a day on one of our many local area lakes (Boating, fishing, picnicking, etc) – the Mother of Five and I decided that we would take the two we had left at home (#3 of 5 and #5 of 5) to the Mill Pond in Lagoon Park (our local swimming hole) for some fun before the “heat stroke weather” arrived.

Since the Mother of Five worked today – we stopped at McDonalds and grabbed a little “picnic” of sorts, and headed off to the park.  After eating our lunch lakeside together, we lathered up with SPF30, the Mother of Five said her “goodbyes” and “I love yous”, then #3 and #5 of 5 and I all headed down to the lake.

I waded in the lake while the kids swam, then sat under the shade of a grove of trees while they played in the sand, then waded in the water again while they swam, then got my chair and sat with my feet in the water while the kids swam, then after being successfully French fried, I moved my chair back into the shade and started nodding off behind my sunglasses as the kids finished swimming.

About the time I was going to suggest getting out and heading home, the two kids came to me and asked if they could head home. 

IMG_0415_640x480 IMG_0393_640x480

View from our picnic area.






Close up of The Mill Pond’s aerator fountain… 








After lunch, and a few minutes of getting wet, #3 of 5 and #5 of 5 decided the beach needed a “hot tub”, so it was off to work – cooperatively working (unusually cooperative by the way) together to dig a pretty deep hole – then fill it with water…

IMG_0390_640x480 IMG_0391_640x480 IMG_0392_640x480 IMG_0399_640x480IMG_0397_640x480 IMG_0398_640x480  IMG_0400_640x480 IMG_0401_640x480  IMG_0403_640x480 IMG_0404_640x480 IMG_0405_640x480 IMG_0406_640x480 IMG_0407_640x480 IMG_0408_640x480 





Without a city engineer present to aid us in complying with all Minnesota Safety Regulations, the walls of the hot tub began collapsing in on themselves.  

Before becoming a total loss, #3 of 5 jumped in one last time. 

#5 of 5 and I took this gesture as our opportunity to immobilize him for the time being.  We buried him in the sand up to his chest. 




Eventually he was able to free himself.

















Covered in sand, and both feeling a little hot, it was time to head back to the lake….  Piggy back style!

IMG_0414_640x480  IMG_0416_640x480

A little more last minute swimming before calling it a day…. 

IMG_0417_640x480  IMG_0419_640x480

All in all, we were at the park from 11:30 until 2:30.  It was a GREAT day!


  1. Looks like a ton of fun. And I would have been up there in the shade with you, buddy.

  2. Great beach! When did they bury Dad?

  3. I miss lakes. Sure, I live next to a huge lake, but its high salt content makes it a bit of a smelly place to swim. Your pictures are great! How fun.

  4. I miss lakes. Sure, I live next to a huge lake, but its high salt content makes it a bit of a smelly place to swim. Your pictures are great! How fun.

  5. Sounds like a fun filled summer day!!!!


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