Dave’s Day – 2010


Today was the second installment of “Dave’s Day” hosted by “Famous Dave” Anderson – founder of Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que.

Last year, Famous Dave’s announced “Dave’s Day”. 

What is Dave’s Day?

Dave’s Day is a day that Famous Dave’s offers a free entree for anyone named Dave!  (Quote from their advertisement)

And that means a great deal for you - up to $15 - for anyone named Dave (David or Davy, too).  And half off your entrée if your middle name's Dave (David or Davy, too) - up to $7.50.  That goes for to-go orders too.  Hey Daves, we're talkin' serious bucks here so don't forget to present your I.D.

Who was it that said there is no such thing as a free lunch?  I’m not sure, but I can tell you this – His or her name was not Dave, David, or Davy!! 

Hey, I’m not one to turn down Bar-B-Que…. Let alone FREE Bar-B-Que!  (It’s how I keep rockin’ this girlish figure I’ve got going for me!!).  Unfortunately, last year – despite my plans to stop at Famous Dave’s for some BBQ  – I was unable to. 

When I heard that Famous Dave’s was doing it again this year, I immediately checked my schedule and noticed I was scheduled to work!  Since we have a Famous Dave’s about three miles from work – it meant I could nab me some Dave’s Day BBQ on my lunch break! 

Then, I looked a little closer.  I indeed worked, but it was a day where only two of us were working.  When there are only two of us working it means we do not get an official “lunch break”. 

I made a little modification to my plans and planned on bringing some Famous Dave’s home for supper & left overs for lunch tomorrow!

Once I got off duty, I headed down to my car with a previously printed menu in my hands (hands that were shaking and sweaty from the anticipation of the impending meal), and phoned in a “To Go” order to a Famous Dave’s that is more in line with my trip home.  The staff took my order courteously and efficiently, and I was on my way to make my scheduled pick up of heavenly deliciousness.  

08-01-10_1643I arrived in the lot, and was greeted in the parking lot by an employee sitting under a canopy.  The employee shouted (to me) “HEY DAVE!”  - I looked around and not noticing anyone else on the lot, I asked her if she was talking to me.  She replied  - “Well, your name is Dave isn’t it”?

Since I am such an agreeable feller, I confirmed that my name was indeed Dave, and provided her my ID to prove this fact. 

I was given a “Hello my name is…” sticker that was pre-printed with the “Dave” name – and escorted in. 

I took up my place in line, and awaited for my name to be called indicating that my order was ready for pick up.

They were calling last names today… Can you imagine the confusion it would cause if they called out “Dave, your order is ready for pick up… Order for Dave ready for pick up.”  Yeah – that was not going to work today!

08-01-10_1632  08-01-10_1633

So…. What delightful, delectable delicacies from the menu did I partake in?   

I ordered the “Two Meat Platter”.  The Two Meat Platter comes with your choice of two of their nine meat choices, corn bread muffin, corn on the cob, and a choice of two additional sides… 

I went with the “Dad Blogger Special” – aptly named (by myself) after a couple of my favorite Dad Blogs!

08-01-10_1634  08-01-10_1635

Texas Beef Brisket (in honor of AtHomeDaddy - who’s name is NOT Dave) and the Georgia Chopped Pork (in honor of Postulate & Pasttimes – who’s name is also NOT Dave). 

08-01-10_1731By the time I picked up my “Dad Blogger Dinner Special” and was on the road home again, it was nearing 5pm.  The remainder of the car ride home was the equivalent to an odiferous water-boarding session.  (Remember folks, I worked from 7am-4pm and only had a HOT POCKET since dinner the night before…)

I arrived home, and found myself alone (the rest of the family was at a family reunion).  Like Gollum hording his “precious”, I ran to the kitchen and (against my stomach’s wishes) split the dinner into two portions.  One for now, one for lunch tomorrow at work.  (I’ve been workin’ hard at keeping my portions down…)



Clockwise (from the 12 o’clock position) – Garlic Red-Skinned Mashed potatoes, Firecracker Green Beans, Texas Beef Brisket, Georgia Chopped Pork (and a piece of Texas Toast under each serving), a corn muffin, and corn on the cob.

I could have EASILY devoured the rest of the meal, but in an (unusual) moment of true self-control, I packed up the rest of meal with only a couple of extra bites of potatoes, beans, and one thin slice of Texas Beef Brisket taken before it hit the fridge… 

The meal was delicious.  I was a fat, satisfied, and happy man.

Once the remainder of the meal was safely tucked away in the fridge (waiting for me in the morning) I decided that since Famous Dave showed me a little love today – That I would return the favor and show him a little love here on FOF.

I gotta say, it’s an odd way of advertising (giving out free meals like this), but it’s got a lot of people talking – that’s for sure…  It’s also got at least one person blogging about it too!  (And I doubt I’ll be the only one) – I guess I’m not so sure, but maybe, just maybe – this is a genius move for a wave of free advertising…

In any event…. I’m extending a big thank you to Dave “Famous Dave” Anderson, and Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que for a wonderful dinner!

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