Takin' a "Chance"

-- Follow up to The Slumber Party --
You could call me boring.  I walk the "safe" road.  Consistently.  When forced to make big decisions, it is only after an almost nauseating period of what the Mother of Five likes to call my "What if'ing" that I am able to finally make a decision.  (I like to have all possibilities considered.  I also like to have a plan B, C, D, E, etc.  I desire predictable results to the actions I take, and when the results are not predictable or what I expected .)  This all results in a very safe, pre-determined course with very few opportunities for "taking chances".       
So it is not (or should not be) surprising to hear that I have never been much of a "gambler" by nature.  It is not that I am morally, ethically, or religiously opposed to gambling.  I'm just the kind of guy that would rather trade my money for something tangible - something I can hold in my hand.  If I put a dollar in a machine - rather than trading it for a "chance" for more money I would prefer to have a cold, carbonated, and caffeinated beverage dispensed.
Gambling is generally considered one of the "vice" crimes (a crime that is made illegal because it offends the moral standards of the community banning it), and like many states - gambling is forbidden, against the law, and criminal here in Minnesota - that is, with one exception... 
Gambling is allowed on the (Sovereign) Native American Reservations. 
Over the years some very elaborate casinos have been erected by the various Native American Communities and have become sought after destinations throughout the state.  We have one of the (if not the only) Casino in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding suburbs) within our County. 
The Mystic Lake Casino (operated by the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux) is (in fact) only a few (15) miles from our home.
I have patronized the Casino a few times since it's inception.  (I think three... maybe four times total.
One time was with my wife's brother "M" and his now ex-wife "L"
Twice I went with friends from work.  We got off duty, and headed out.  The two guys I went with were into the blackjack scene, and I tagged along (in all honesty) for the discounted late night buffet.  The first time we went - I watched.  The second time we went, I had ten dollars in my pocket, and joined my friends on the blackjack table (knowing just enough to play, but not understanding enough to keep myself from looking like a noobie).  Not too far into the game I had noticed that my ten dollars had become forty dollars and it was at that point that I made the conscious decision that I was going end my career as a "blackjack playa" in the winning column. I cashed in my chips, and walked out the door with an extra thirty dollars (minus the cost of another late night buffet) in my pocket (and let's not forget a full tummy)! 
And finally, I may have gone one other time with my sister "D" and her husband "A" (I am struggling to remember if we actually went, or if I had just heard him TALK about one of the times he has gone).
After we successfully abandoned the kids at Grandma and Grandpa's house for the Slumber Party Bash and The Mother of Five and I ran our errand, we met "B" & "J" at Mystic Lake Casino for the evening!   "B" & "J" had something specific in mind, and what they had planned was about to decimate the way I view an innocent childhood activity and frequently lucrative fund-raiser.
My life will never be the same again...  Follow the link to This Ain’t your Granny's Church Basement Bingo.

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