The “Barf Egg”

What ‘eggzactly’ is a “Barf Egg”?  (yes, pun intended)

That was the question I posed to my friends on Facebook a few days ago.  I’m going to be honest with you all.  Before Saturday (the day we sat down and dyed our Easter eggs), I too was unfamiliar with the term “Barf Egg”.
I have had many people wondering, and coming back for more by asking when they will find out.  Also, while it was a pretty good guess, Lisa (from Many Things Do Not Fly) guessed that THIS LINK is a “Barf Egg”. 
While I was fully entertained with that notion – for the sake of today’s lesson, that was NOT the “Barf Egg” I was referring too… (Although, that WAS funny enough that I’ll give Lisa 1/2 credit!) 
The term “Barf Egg” was adopted by child #3 of 5, and has  very specific meaning.

A “Barf Egg” is an Easter Egg (although I supposed it does not have to be specific to “Easter” per se – but for the sake of today’s lesson, let’s say it’s an “Easter” egg) anyway, it’s an “Easter Egg” that has been dyed in a VERY SPECIFIC method.

First… Here is a photo of the eggs we died this year…


Now, without me having to tell you, can you guess which egg is the “Barf Egg”??  Extra bonus “FOF Points” if you can also guess which egg is the “Alien Egg”, the “Watermelon Egg”, “Sheldon” the Easter Egg, and finally – the egg that “your truly” (The Father of Five) colored….   Go on… Take a minute… 
(Cue the Jeopardy music)
When you think you have the correct answer, click anywhere on the photo for the “jump” to the answers….  Then come on back!!  Go on, DO IT!!


The “Barf Egg” was created (very specifically) by dipping a new egg in each of the 9 “Paas Easter Egg Colors”, THEN combining equal amounts of each of the nine color dyes into a new mug, and placing the “already been dipped in each color individually” egg into the dark abyss that was created by combining each of the dyes.
Then (and only then) the the transform from that of an egg with a pristine white shell into the Dark Side of the Force a unexplainable “Barf colored” egg becomes complete…
(Cue the ominous Star Wars music) – If you only KNEW the power of the dark side of the “Barf Egg”
I’m not totally sure, but I think #3 of 5’s  “Barf Egg” actually frightened the Easter Bunny just a wee bit… 
(Oh, and did I mention how much I LOVE my kids’ sense of humor??  Hmm… I wonder where they get it from!)


  1. David,
    Your family definition of "barf" egg may be correct for your situation, but in our family, its the ornately hand-painted egg THAT WASN'T CLEANED/EMPTIED OUT. That very egg was involved in a gravity check, oh, about 3 years after being painted. Landed on the baker's/wine rack lower shelf. Old diapers, dog poop, spoiled milk, don't have anything on that baby!

  2. We did the same thing when I was a kid. We called them "Suicide Eggs".

    When at the baseball park near our house a kid would order a "Suicide", the concession stand worker would get the soda ready by putting a little of each type of drink they sold into a single cup, making the "Suicide".

    Therefore, mixing all the egg colors together resulted in the same type of event.

  3. We only had one grandson here this year and he's outgrown coloring eggs. We played Jenga instead. I missed not coloring eggs.

  4. I too love their sense of humor. I think my kids would do the same, had they thought of it.

    I got all of my guesses right, except the FOF egg (I guessed the bright yellow in the top left corner).

    Do I get bonus points for knowing the Sheldon reference?

  5. I am a lousy guesser. : (

    We colored eggs after they were shelled for stuffed eggs.

    No suicide or barf eggs.

  6. Gosh, I could have been looking at a picture of our family's eggs. I will mention the barf egg to my kids. They may want to incorporate that idea. :)


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