The Slumber Party (a prelude for more to come)

This week, we have out of town family visitors.  The Mother of Five's brother, his wife, and their two boys were in Minnesota!  They are staying with his parents in the next town over from us, so it makes for getting together pretty easy.
We made a road trip to spend several days at their house a little over a month ago.  I had always planned on posting about that trip, but never got around to it.  So I am not going to let their trip go un-acknowledged!
"Cousin-M" (4 years old) is quite enamored with his older cousins, and really looks forward to spending time with them.  Somewhere along the line, it was planned that during their visit, "the cousins" (our #2-#5 of 5 along with "Cousin-M" and "Cousin-C" (less than a year old)) were all going to have a HUGE slumber party at Grandma's house! 
I had worked overtime that day, and was racing home to make it to Church on time.  After I got off duty, I called the Mother of Five and tried to catch up with her on my way to meet the family at Church.  Since I was running late, my mind was whirling from just having gotten off duty, and I was trying to rush, I may have "missed" part of our conversation.
Well, and let's be honest here.  I am male.  I suspect that "Sometimes" we males of our species are not always as focused as we should be while conversing with the females of our species (wether or not we are "rushed"). 
I truly suspect it has something to do with (and I blame) Charles Schultz and his"Peanuts" cartoons that we all watched as children.  We witnessed Charlie Brown listen to his teacher drone on and on in that trumpetish "Mah-wah-wah-wahhh-wah" voice - and somehow, in our subconscious minds, has image of his teacher has been projected towards....
Am I sinking fast?  Putting my foot in my mouth?  Digging a hole I won't be able to climb out of?  Perhaps it's time I quit "theorizing" and get back to the story at hand, hmmm?
I arrived (late) to Church, and slinked my way into the back pew (not wanting to disrupt the "already in progress" mass).  From my vantage point in the back row (being the freakishly tall fella that I am) I was able to "stalk" my family from afar.  After church (and subsequent reunion with my family) - it was time to depart for the slumber party!
We arrived, and were immediately met at the door by "Cousin-M" who was all but bouncing around the room with excitement to see us!  I got to spend some "silly time" with Cousin-M before his attention was quickly drawn away by his much cooler older cousins.  Before long, they all disappeared into the wonderland that is Grandma and Grandpa's basement.
It was then that I realized what my distracted mind had missed from the conversation earlier (while only hearing the "Charlie Brown Teacher talk").  The Mother of Five, her brother, and his wife had made plans for an evening out - leaving Grandma and Grandpa on their own to spend some "quality time"  with six (sounding much more like "quantity time" to me) of their seven grandchildren. (Ranging in age from less than a year, up to 14 years old - and I'll let you decide which age group is harder to keep track of....
Upon hearing that we have a night out planned (a night out with no children and other adults), I looked around the room nervously (like a man with a secret that was just about to be "caught" doing something wrong) and decided it was time to make haste, and "get outta Dodge" before Grandma and Grandpa came to their senses and changed their minds!  (Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!)
After the little cloud of dust (from my Roadrunner like departure - Beep! Beep!) settled, the Mother of Five and left to run a quick errand before meeting "B" & "J" for our evening out.  "B" & "J" (being from out of town) had a specific destination in mind - and frankly (being FROM town) we rarely consider this option when we have an evening out. (Did I just say "when we have an evening out"??  (Yes.  That is a hysterical laugh - bordering on madness that you hear!)
Our evening out is deserving of a post of it's own.  Follow the link to… Takin’ a Chance

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