Do you think they carpool?



It’s the night before Easter, and it would seem that it’s not only going to be the Easter Bunny that is going to be hippity-hopping around our home tonight.

No, as luck would have it, BOTH the Easter Bunny AND the Tooth Fairy will be visiting our home!

#4 of 5 asked me if I thought they would be here at the same time and would see each other?!?!?!

(Yeah, #5 of 5 looks a little traumatized here.  It’s only the second tooth she has ever lost, and she is still not too sure about the whole “teeth falling out of her head” thing.)


  1. That is an absolutely winning picture. I love it.

  2. Those two have been in cahoots for years! The Easter Bunny in all his sugary gifts goodness helps to keep the Tooth Fairy's numbers up. I bet they sit and have coffee in your kitchen, just to talk business strategy.

  3. After SP received a green scarf in her leprechaun trap, N1S commented, "I think Santa is behind all of these holidays."
    So maybe they are all in on this together.

  4. OMG that is so funny . . . my daughter lost her tooth yesterday, too - we had double visitors as well :-) She lost ANOTHER one this a.m. . . . lots of visitors leaving goodies at our house this weekend.

  5. David,
    This photo looks like it was done professionally in a studio. Good job.
    It is sad when we who are older, lose our teefs AND our hair!

  6. Perfect picture! My five year old just lost his first tooth. It's a bewildering experience the first couple of times, isn't it?


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