Reclaiming my space

One thing about living in Minnesota is how eagerly we anticipate, and appreciate being able to spend time outside again after a long winter. 

While winter in Minnesota is hardly what I would call complete (it’s widely held belief  that March is the snowiest month of the year) – the snow that we still may get will not stick around as long as the snow we received in December.  Some of the snow we received in December is still sitting on my deck…. Or WAS still sitting on my deck…

Last week we shoveled a little path from the door to the grill so we could BBQ (for the first time since… About November),  but that was not enough!  What happened was in the area where we shoveled, it had melted enough where I could actually see the DECK SURFACE!!  That made me bound and determined to take a little more of .

While using a meteorologically delightful day to take down our Christmas lights and decorations – I decided I wanted a little more of MY space back from Mother Nature! 

So, for the first time since December (I had kept the deck shoveled until then – but finally gave up) my deck is finally OPEN!   (I have no furniture out there yet though…

I am thinking of bringing my Adirondack chair back out just so I can say I am able to sit on my deck!!

03-03-10_1549 03-03-10_1550

03-03-10_1551 03-03-10_1554

Just watch out for the staircase…   It is still snow and ice covered (and yes, Bill, it is still missing a few 2x2’s)!



  1. Hooray! The deck is a beautiful sight. The stairs not so much.


  2. Yee-hah!
    feel your pain. My cabin fever is at it's peak and a few days of relatively mild temps are doing a world of good. I don't think that winter has had it's last hoorah, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Good to see you survived hibernation, err, the worst of winter.

  4. I had to put out crabgrass preventative a month ago, and it's snowed twice since then. Hasn't stopped the moles though...el bastardos!

    But your deck looks like an advertiseent. You know how they always make the pavement wet on car commercials...
    Enjoy it!



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