A Student of the Month

jAlmost two weeks ago, a letter arrived in the mail.  A letter from the boy’s school. 

Sigh… Here we go again…. What is it this time?

When the Mother of Five opened the letter, she started reading it aloud (I was driving).  We were delighted to discover that #2 of 5 was chosen as one of the school’s “Students of the Month” for February!

Unfortunately, the letter also asked us to keep it secret (which is why you had not heard of this prior to today).  With #3 of 5 in the car, and having heard the letter – we swore him to secrecy. 

Today was the ceremony.  Parents were asked to show up in school, and hide in one of the classrooms until the gymnasium was filled with students.  Then the parents are brought in and sat down.  Students that were selected have no idea that they are about to be called.

Each “student of the month” is introduced not by name, but instead by a small paragraph about themselves (each student in the school is asked to write one when school year started).  When it came time for #2 of 5’s name to be called, this is what we heard.

IMGaOur third student of the month for the 8th grade was born in Burnsville on August 22, to proud parents Father of Five and Mother of Five.  

He has 4 siblings, #3 of 5, #4 of 5, #5 of 5, and #1 of 5.  He has 3 cats (Mimi, Moe, and Miley). His favorite food is pizza, and his favorite TV show is Mythbusters. He likes just about any music group or singer, and Adam Sandler is his favorite actor. In school, his favorite subject is history, and his favorite time of the day is lunch, but make sure you don't leave any chewed gum around him, because the sight of it irritates him.

His favorite sport is basketball, and when he's not in school he likes to play basketball, go skateboarding, play video games, and shop at Zummiz. He also likes to read his favorite books, which are the Harry Potter series, and he likes to play the game Risk.

His favorite quote is "Never give up," which he didn't, because he achieved his goal for the school year of getting student of the month. His plans after school are to go to college, and his dream vacation would be to take a trip to Peru.  His hero is Batman, because he's awesome.

This student says he is student of the month material because he likes to try his best. His three wishes for the world are to stop the wars, stop pollution, and stop racism. Please join me in congratulating our February student of the month, #2 of 5!

Along with the award, the above photo is placed in a trophy case, predominantly displayed in the school during the month of March.  He also was awarded a Whopper Value Meal coupon from Burger King, a coupon for two complementary soft drinks from Marcus Theaters, and a coupon for one free cookie from our local Subway store!

As a bonus… He was truly surprised because he could not see us enter the gymnasium from where he was seated! 


  1. Congratulations 2 of 5. Well done!

  2. Well, bust my buttons, you must feel so proud! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations #2! What a great day! It must have been difficult to keep such an important secret.

  4. Awesome! Congrat's 2 of 5!


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