2010 Minnesota River Flooding

This year’s snowfall combined with a rapid melt, and still frozen ground resulted in some of the most significant flooding we have seen in several years.

Our house is less than a mile (as the crow flies) but a little over a mile (by road) to a Minnesota River Crossing at Jordan - Scott County CR9 or Carver County CR11 (Depending on which side of the bridge you are on).

Back in 2001 Scott and Carver Counties, along with MNDot, and the Minnesota DNR completely rebuilt the old river crossing and boat landing (which flooded over almost every year).  Here are some photos I took of that bridge a day before they closed it to traffic, tore it down, and rebuilt it.

86N01-8-24(12-27) 89N01-8-24(12-30)

87N01-8-24(12-29) 88N01-8-24(12-29)

I was certain I took some photos of the new bridge days after it opened, but I am unable to find them (at least as of right now….)


(All photos are described below, and are clickable for slightly larger imagoes)

The Minnesota River was expected to Crest on Monday or Tuesday, but since it was a nice Sunday evening and everyone was home – we decided to make an adventure out of exploring the flood zone (to the extent that we could.  We loaded up the van, grabbed the neighbor’s boy (VERY good friends with #2 and #3 of 5) and headed out!)

 IMG_0593_640x480 IMG_0594_640x480

Left - We drove to the Boat Landing – and found all but a few parking spaces were all taken up by the flood. 

Right - The kids got out and started exploring.  In the photo to the right, you can see the kids standing on a center island in the parking lot.  The water had crept up and over part of the median.  The day before, I was  able t drive my car around this same median.

IMG_0595_640x480 IMG_0596_640x480

Left - A few more shots of the flooded boat landing. 

Right - There is GeoCache that is located in this photo.  You can’t see the cache, but you can see the “beacon”.  The cache should be pretty safe – it was still another five feet up from the water’s surface.

IMG_0597_640x480 IMG_0598_640x480

Left - Another shot from the lot – there is the center island the kids were standing on (and that I had driven around the day before. 

Right - The kids spotted the watermark on the pavement marked by the DNR earlier that day.  If you look close enough (just above the 3-21 you can see the water line)

IMG_0599_640x480 IMG_0600_640x480

Electrical pole…   Partially underwater (from a couple of different views)


IMG_0601_640x480 IMG_0632_640x480

Left - Another view of the same pole – this time from the bridge deck. 

Right - Photo on the right is looking NB over the bridge from the Scott County side.  Road closed sign and “jersey barriers” blocking all traffic.


IMG_0602_640x480 IMG_0603_640x480

Left - A view across the river from the bridge deck .

Right - A view of the river from the same spot – looking east out over the river.


IMG_0604_640x480 IMG_0605_640x480

Left – Looking back at the boat landing from the middle of the bridge deck

Right – Flooded wood – Carver County side of the bridge.


IMG_0606_640x480 IMG_0607_640x480

Left – More of the flooded woods.

Right – Now over the bridge, we are on Carver County Road 11 – this is the weak point of the crossing – the road was not raised enough above “flood stage” to prevent the river overflow from reaching and overtaking the roadway.


 IMG_0609_640x480 IMG_0610_640x480

Left - More flooded woodsy areas – NW corner of the bridge

Right – Hiking trail… 


IMG_0611_640x480 IMG_0612_640x480

Approaching the flooded roadway


IMG_0613_640x480 IMG_0614_640x480

More of the flooded roadway.  The kids (and other gawkers) all wanted to know why the ripples only happened in this one spot.  It’s due to the crest in the road.  The center of the road is a “peak” and as the water is forced over the crest it squeezes the same volume of water into a smaller space creating the wake that you see (similar to the graphics that depict a tsunami wave)


IMG_0616_640x480 IMG_0620_640x480

Left - More of the ripple effect, and way off in the distance you can see the “No Passing Zone” sign

Right – Zooming in on the “No Passing Zone” sign from the previous photo


IMG_0618_640x480 IMG_0619_640x480

#4 of 5, #3 of 5, and “The neighbor kid” standing in the middle of freeway at the floodwater’s edge.


 IMG_0621_640x480 IMG_0624_640x480

Left - Heading back to the van.

Right – Photo specifically to answer an “AtHomeDaddy” question – he asked me on facebook if the “FOF Compound” was safe from the floodwaters.  I told him that we are up a pretty significant hill from the actual river, so I took this photo to show him the hill.  It would take a flood of BIBLICAL proportions before our house would be threatened by Minnesota River flooding (due the the elevation)

 IMG_0623_640x480  IMG_0626_640x480

Left – Another view of the hill from the bridge.  Note the kids stopping to watch the river.

Right - #4 of 5 contemplating the river


Left – #4 of 5 throwing items off the bridge into the river.

Right – Almost back to the boat landing.  (Boat landing is on the left)


IMG_0625_640x480  IMG_0622_640x480 

Left  - Another view of the boat landing as we headed back

Right – A flooded parking lot on the Western side of the road.  This lot is for a hiking and horseback riding trail.  There is also a picnic area here.


IMG_0629_640x480 IMG_0630_640x480  

Left – See… What did I tell you – a picnic ground!

Right – the flooded field where the picnic grounds can be found (tables are off to the left – but off the photos)


From here, we headed back into town to check out Sand Creek, and Lagoon Park Falls at Sand Creek.  I am not going to describe all the photos.  They are all pretty much the same – flooded river creates a strong waterfalls!


IMG_0634_640x480 IMG_0635_640x480 IMG_0638_640x480 IMG_0639_640x480 IMG_0640_640x480 IMG_0641_640x480 IMG_0642_640x480 IMG_0643_640x480 IMG_0644_640x480 IMG_0645_640x480 IMG_0646_640x480



And, finally – I’ll end this with a quick photo of #4 of 5 taking and throwing a last few items into the river to watch them go over the falls…

As you can tell, it was starting to get dark out, and since it was a school morning in the AM – it was time to head back home.


  1. Here's hoping you dry out soon.

  2. Looks like a wonderful day with the kids! I love getting the chance to show my kids that for all we try, we are truly not the masters of our environment.

    Hope it was as fun as it looks! I'll wait for that biblical flood before starting to worry about you ;-)

  3. Glad to know that your home is on high ground!


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