I just got an email from my bank that we overdrafted quite a number of checks?!?! That makes NO sense - there should have been plenty of funds left in that account...

That was until I logged into the bank and discovered I paid this month's mortgage TWICE!!

YIKES!! Going to have to do some shifting of money around for the next month....
(Thank goodness for overdraft protection huh??)

The good news?? No scheduled mortgage payment for August!! Next mortgage payment is due September 1st!!!

Now... I better remember that, and not pay the mortgage AGAIN!!

So come on folks... Fess up... I can not be the only one to have done this... Can I?
(Rolling my eyes)


  1. I don't think I ever paid the mortgage twice, but I paid the car payment twice once, and it was definitely embarrassing. It's really difficult to play that kind of thing off too as something you meant to do!

  2. Well Dan... I am not sure I am going to play this one off... But I am the sort of guy who is not afraid to admit to my shortcomings, failures, and embarrassing moments... In fact - I don't mind a good laugh (at my own expense) from time to time!

    It helps keep me humble!

  3. We wrote the mortgage check, then before we mailed it, got notice of some change, wrote cancel all over the check and wrote a new one. But, you guessed it, we accidentally put both checks in the envelope and they cashed both. We bounced checks all over town.

  4. It's been known to happen.

  5. Most the time I am glad I paid it once.

  6. My motto: Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow

    Not a chance, no way, no how, uh uh . . . that I would pay twice, even by accident.


  7. You are definitely the only one...I am amazed you found the checkbook to write the check. Did you find your drivers license yet?

    Another co-worker

  8. We pay extra on our mortgage every month. One month I only paid the the extra and the not full amount. Whoops! I called the mortgage company and they were happy to accept it as an honest mistake.


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