Overheard in my kitchen last night

I called the kids in after preparing it last night.  The first to arrive was #5 of 5.  
Father of Five:  Ok kids, it's time for dinner!
First to arrive... #5 of 5:  What's for dinner daddy?
Father of Five:  We are having "skebbie" sweetie (toddler for spaghetti)
#5 of 5:  Daaadddiieee... it's not called "skebbie" - it's called "ba-skettie"
Father of Five:  Sorry honey.... We are having ba-skettie then...
They get so old so fast... You have to take the time to remember all the fun stuff... 
Soon enough ba-settie will be spaghetti... but until then...  Enjoy!


  1. The Talker used to begin most sentences with "Hey, um, didn't you know..." Started when he was about 2 1/2 years old.

    I never thought I would miss it. Sometimes I just wanted him to get to the point.

    But then one day it was just gone. Never to be repeated. And I actually miss the way he led me into each and every conversation.

  2. That is so sweet! I just love that :)

  3. Ba-skettie is actually better than regular old spaghetti, don't you think?


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