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In true "King of Clubs" fashion, I will attempt to dupicate one of my close friend (and fellow blogger) - Bill's favorite type of posts - The Auto Repair Post! (You will find many posts about home auto repairs there, and much talk about both his Suburban (the 'Burban), his wife's Jeep, and his former Truck on his blog!

Well, I was about ready to throw in the towel on the 'Scort. (Escort). It slowly began a "death breath" of an idle. I could not keep it running while at stop lights, or sometimes even on a quick deceleration. Since the clutch is bad, the front struts (and strut supports) are bad, one of the rear leaf springs is bad, and the front windshield is bad - I was getting close to thowing in the towel. But after a couple of days of dealing with the 'Scort's "Death Breath" - I started hearing a high pitch whistle under the hood. One night after work, I popped the hood and sure enough, I found at least one significant flaw.

I used high temp metal tape to repair the boot, and the next day the 'Scort was running as smooth as silk again (minus the windshield, strut, strut support, leaf spring, and clutch issues). The next day I ran to Wolf Motors (my local Ford Dealership) and ordered the parts (they did not have them in stock).

I ordered them, and got them installed. Now I need to have a meeting (with the voices in my head) if I should put a new clutch in the 'Scort. I am leaning that way, but we will see.

(Left is "Before" and right is "After" in both the top and bottom row of shots.)
(Should be clickable for larger versions)

I tried to get a picture like THIS one, but because of a couple of issues (like the size of the 'Scort vs the size of the 'Burban - and the size of me vs the size of Bill - It was not possible. I wanted to get a "comic" version of it, but try as I might, I could not fit under the hood.

Bill, this post is dedicated to you my friend!

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  1. I love the post Dave! It is good to see a couple posts from you that come from your garage! I'm glad the 'scort (which is too funny) is running good again! I say dump the money into the clutch, I can give you hand with the springs and struts, and we will get that thing to 200K! Then we can celebrate with a nice camo paint job!

    Thanks for the dedication!


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