I'm Back!

Yes, I am back. But I left Jonathan up at camp. He still has another four days of "Dadless 11 year old boy" bliss!

I did not roll in until (close to midnight) last night - that is another story in itself, and I really had a blast at Scout Camp! I am so pleased to see that (although he is still an 11 year old boy - and well, 11 year old boy's get into 11 year old boy troubles) overall, Jonathan is growing up to be a truly good person. I could ask for a scientist, or a surgeon, or extreme wealth for my child (and I still do) but, ultimately, if they leave my care being a good and happy person, I'll be pleased!

If this week has been any sort of "sneak preview" of when it comes time for Jonathan to leave my house for the "big-bad-world" - I will be able to hold my chin up and say I did my job successfully!

Now, I'll be honest here - I have been gone for four days, and I still have three of the five upstairs - and I have not seen much of them in the past week. You will have to excuse me here on the blog because, well, frankly, I cant wait to get up there and spend some time with them!

I'm off to the land of Barbie Dolls, "Lucky Duck" games, sand art, coloring and painting!!

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