Beginning with the Ending

I'm going to start off by telling you about the END of my trip.

You see, on the last day of my Boy Scout Camp adventure, I did something, I experienced something, I lived through something that I have NEVER done before. I have dodged this bullet for the past twenty-two years, but this day - like it or not, that bullet struck me right between the eyes... Bullseye!

The embarrassing story follows ...

You see, on my last day of Boy Scout camp, I set my departure time around 6:00pm. This would allow me enough time to dine one last time with Jonathan, and since I packed up the car before breakfast (minus what I needed that day) I could maximize my time with the Scouts, and leave right from the dining shelter - still making it home between 9pm and 10pm.

All went as planned for the day - I packed the car, I spent the day with Jonathan, I dined with Jonathan and the rest of the "Eagle Patrol", helped clean up, and then walked back to camp with Jonathan to pick up my final belongings. We headed back to the parking lot (about 1/2 - 3/4 of a mile) and upon arrival, realized a couple of things. #1 - I had left items belonging to my son's friends (whom I drove up with) in the car. #2 - Rules at the park dicate that my son is not allowed to head back to camp alone (they utilize the "buddy system").

So, after getting to my car - and retrieving the other boys' items, Jonathan and I made the long hike back to the camp. (By now, my previously unmentioned case of "chafing" was really starting to hurt!) We returned to camp, and taking the time (which I had previously not done properly) to say some thank-you's, and good-byes to the other adult leaders, and chaperones whom had all returned to the Oak Campsite. I also tried to (verbally) give my permission to Jonathan's Scoutmaster to "kick his butt" if he got too far out of line... (Apparently there is no standard waiver I can sign, nor will a verbal aggrement suffice to allow my son to get his "butt kicked" if it is so needed.)

After a third hike to (or from) the car (again with the (by now) horrible case of chafing) I was on my way home.

The trip home went well. Without any children in the car, I was able to spend some quality time with "The Bloodhound Gang". One stop for gas and a Mountain Dew, and in no time I was back on my Home Turf.

Upon entry into Minnesota, I called back to my parents (who's car I used - as mine is "less than dependable"). I told my parents that I wanted drop the car off, get mine, and head home. But my dad insisted I stay for "five minutes" to visit.

Upon arrival at mom and dad's - Dad was out on a walk, and I would have to wait for him. I visited with my mother for fifteen minutes before my dad arrived home, visited with him for the next thirty minutes, before I headed home. (He wanted to show me what he had done to my car). He had spent an afternoon, completely cleaning my car, vacuuming the floor, and even cleaning the upholstery. It was very nice to have a clean car again - but I did want to get home.

I left my parents house and headed back home again. I quickly called home and told my wife where I was at, and how long it would be before I got home. We visited as I drove home and (because my Anniversary happened while I was at scout camp ) I planned on telling a little white lie, and told my wife that I needed gas (as I pulled into Cub Foods to buy her a bouquet of flowers - hey, gimme a break - where else can you buy flowers at 11:45 pm??). Well, after picking out some flowers, paying for them and (as I headed back to my car) I reached into my pocket to grab my car keys....

I don't think I need to tell you what happened next. The obvious was true. I had (for the first time in my life) locked my keys in my car. Oh, I have locked them in before, but always had a back up key available to me (in my work bag, in my pocket, in my wallet, etc). Not this time. No back up key AND my cell phone locked in the car.

I had to head back into the store, make a collect call from the payphone, explain the whole story to my wife, and tell her where the spare key was (in my work bag). She then had to wake Zachary so he could sit up and watch the girls long enough for her to drive up to Cub, and drop off my spare key at MIDNIGHT.

(On the bright side, it made it a little easier because I already had flowers in hand for my wife. She seemed a little less "perturbed" about having to bring me my key at midnight...)

Well, wanting to be home by 10, I was finally home and in bed by 1am, none worse for the wear, but with a slightly bruised ego, and a moderately embarrassing story to tell.

The tragedy of the last hour of my trip home did not in any way dampen the fantastic time I had at camp with Jonathan.

Stay tuned for my camp experiences!


  1. Your day must have been going too well. The anniversary gods just didn't want you to get away with buying flowers on the way home.
    Good try though.

  2. I would have just broken a one would have noticed it missing!!! :)

    I'm glad the camp adventure went well!


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