What is it like being a father?

I was not planning a new post until I finished up the (half completed) Family Wedding entry, but today I heard something I had to discuss...

I have never kept it a secret that one of the few indulgences in my life is XM Radio. I pay about twelve bucks a month to subscribe. The variety and the options XM provides are phenomenal. My wife and I frequently play "name that tune" on the 80's station. (The nice thing about playing this game while listening to XM is that the answer is readily available on the "Pad Data" (or "display screen" for you non-XM people out there.))

I have also talked (many times) about what I consider the best damn radio show on all of AM, FM, or XM - The Ron & Fez Show on XM's Channel 202 - The Virus. I'd pay my XM subscription just to listen to Ron & Fez - everything else on XM is a Bonus!

While making the kids lunches, and cleaning the kitchen this afternoon, I (as I do almost every day) was listening to the buddays. This afternoon my radio buddays literally hit one out of the park! They were discussing the virtues (along with the trials and tribulations) of fatherhood. Today's shows was OUTSTANDING. I think today's show should be a "must hear" for all current, former, and soon-to-be fathers!

Not only was today's show a must hear for fathers, but I think all women who have one or more "baby's daddy" in their life should also hear today's program. I know (despite my wife's dislike of the show) - I am going to have her listen to this segment (maybe some evening on the deck after the kids go to bed and over a couple of "adult beverages".) I am sure (despite her dislike of their show) she will get a chuckle, and some incite from portions of the segment... I will also have my daughters (someday) listen to it (although many, many years in the future... )
Today's show provided one of the best descriptions of fatherhood I have heard in a very, very long time. It was funny, serious and sarcastic all at the same time. It truly hit the nail on the head. (Note to self: Enough of the clichés).

I will try and find a source to download a copy of today's show (for those that are interested...) and get the link put here. Ron & Fez also replay each day's show at 11pm (Central time) on XM 202 (The Virus) - if you are already an XM subscriber.
Good Job buddays - you really did hit one out of the park today! You guys ROCK!

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