Layout / Color Changes...

I have made a few changes (again) to the blog.

I moved my "sidebar" to the right - (It seems to make reading posts easier - The body of the post starts on the left - just like a book, and the sidebar is now way off to the right - seemingly less in the way.)

I changed the "template". The old "Scribe" template was not very flexable. I like my the body of my posts "wider" than the standard Blooger width. Because I like the wider widths, I have had to modify the HTML on "Scribe", but the parchment looking background is an image, and that just never fit the wider post body. The wider post body also covered the decrotave background that adorns "Scribe" (that is until I covered with the wider posting area.)

Typical Scribe layout
My modified Scribe layout

Try as I might though, I cannot get the "View my complete profile" link to move to the left...
I have saved my old format (just in case), and will be running with this one for a while. I may still be "tweaking" the link colors, and a few other tiny details over the next few days...

You can still click on one of the other "trifecta" blogs, and see what this blog used to look like (for comparison purposes...).

Feel free to tell me what you think - and feel free to be honest!

We will see how it all turns out...


  1. Dave,

    It looks good, but everytime you change something on your blog, it makes me want to change mine....

  2. It would be nice if I could get added to your list of blogging friends, or am I not COOL enough for that yet???

  3. No, Krystal - you may be "cool" enough, but you have yet to pay the "My Blogging Friends" fee!!

  4. Welcome to the 21st century of "sidebar to the right" blogging - it looks great! Also, K-the-P's blog should have been added to your list a long time ago due to its high "coolness" quotient. Additionally, my hit counter is on the verge of 3000, not that it's a competition or anything. ;-) Take care!


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