Yesterday, as I was in the basement, my kids ran in the house shouting for me. They said there was a big accident across the street, and they saw the whole thing. I asked them if anyone one was hurt, and the said they did not know..

(See, work kickin' in there... "Sir, was anyone injured" - as if a six-year-old could tell me.... )

So, I grabbed the phone, and ran outside with it - (NOT making a 9-1-1 call before finding out anything...).

  • I noticed damage to my "shared" mailbox (my box was scuffed just a bit, and a little harder to open and close - but still intact enough to have my mail person deliver a stack of bills!)
  • I noticed a missing boulevard tree.
  • I noticed a car up on my (kiddy-corner / across the street) neighbor's driveway / side yard with the missing boulevard tree crammed up under, alongside, and in front of the car.

With my keen observation skills, I was able to determine a couple of things.

#1 - The driver (if injured) was pretty much o.k. She was out of the car and walking around.

#2 - The homeowner (who's lawn the car ended up on) was standing in the driveway next to the driver and obviously on the telephone. So, rather than choke out another 911 line and tie up another police dispatcher in a vain (and useless) attempt to "be the hero" - I used the common sense that the good Lord gave me, and realized that I did not need to place another (useless) 911 call.

#3 - There were already two residents, and the driver "at the scene". Then there were four of my children, and two of the neighbors children all "rubbernecking" it from our side of the road. There was no need for me to linger... I did not see the accident, no immediate aid was needed to be rendered, and there were already too many observers.

I went back inside and finished up what I was doing when this all happened.

Now, I know you are all going to point out the obvious... "But Dave, you have pictures of the accident - you must have been out there for a while."

Not true. You see, yesterday was Wednesday, and Wednesday the Scott County "Household Hazardous Waste Facility" is open. Part of the day's agenda was to take a bunch of used motor oil and oil filters up to the HHW drop off. So, being the diligent blogger that I am - the thought of a C-R-A-S-H-! post came to mind. I grabbed the camcorder (with the 20x lens) and took a couple of photos from deep within my garage. They never even saw me. I was back to cleaning up my oil within moments.

By the time I was done packing my HHW into a box, and in my trunk for transport, the Jordan Police had left, and all that was left was a downed boulevard tree in the neighbor's driveway/side yard. About an hour later, a couple of guys in pick up truck (armed with chainsaws) had the tree cut up, loaded up, and gone in about 20 minutes.

All evidence of said incident (minus a couple of "mailbox issues" and a broken off tree stump in the boulevard) was gone, and life returned to it's previous state of ordinary placid suburban bilss.


  1. Cool garage survielance. I would have lined my kids up in front of the accident and pretended to photograph them.

  2. I HAD contemplated giving each of the kids a "quick assignment" - I was going to smear ketchup on them, have them quickly run out and "lay down" in a predescribed position and layout - THEN take my photos...

    But... What kind of dad would that make me (execpt independly wealthy after the trial and impending litigation - to include photographic evidence)...

    In the end, the reality of having to wash the kids up from all that ketchup is what prevented me from embarking on said contemplation...



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