#1 of 5

#1 of 5 is the oldest of the five, and as I write this, he is in his early 20's. He is currently enrolled at the Hennepin Technical College in the Culinary Arts Program, and has (recently) become employed full time (after a long hiatus from employment) in the food services again.

It does not seem possible to me that it was twenty years ago (as he was just celebrating his second birthday) that #1 of 5 and I first met. From early on, we hit it off pretty well. Even before getting married, I had a lot of fun and TRULY enjoyed spending time with him. In many ways, it was due to his involvement in my life (before being married) that I truly discovered the joys of "fatherhood". Even now as an adult - I do enjoy the chance to spend time with him despite his making me want to pull my hair out in frustration from time to time (after all - what parent does NOT want to pull their hair out when dealing with their "twenty-something" kids??).

#1 of 5 has had to face many challenges in his life. He has a couple of physical disabilities and has faced several other unique struggles throughout his life. One thing is sure though… Despite his struggles and challenges, he has never let these things stand in his way of trying something, or doing what he wants to do. I may not be happy about all the decisions he has made, or all the things he has done in his short stint through adulthood, but I am proud of all he has accomplished, and the hurdles he has had to navigate to arrive where he his today. One thing I am certain of...

#1 of 5 is not finished shocking, surprising, and impressing us... Not by a long shot! He sure knows how to keep life - MY LIFE - “exciting” (for lack of a better term)!

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