A Special Happy Birthday!

Seventy-two years ago this very day - a little girl was born to two people - two very special people who meant the world to me.

These two raised this little baby girl. They shaped who she was to become as she transitioned from a delightful little girl, into an enchanting young lady.
She continued on to became an amazing mother & grandmother!!

This little girl has had SO MUCH influence on my life. There is no possible way for me to thank this woman for all she has done for me - all she has been to, and for me, and the things she will continue to do for me - until the day I die.

I am proud to proclaim to the world that this little baby girl I am speaking of, is MY MOTHER!!!!

The "Mother-of-the-Father-of-Five"!

Happy Birthday Mom!! You are beyond the best ever!! You are an INSPIRATION!

I love you beyond words!

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